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Columbia Protest הפגנה פרו פלסטינית באוניברסיטת קולומביה

Calls for intifada sweep Columbia University during Hanukkah

12.12.23|James Spiro
Protests have continued on American college campuses despite a backlash in how faculty have handled the rise of antisemitic chants, prompting a reckoning for institutions once seen as America’s finest
מימין נשיאת אוניברסיטת פנסילבניה היוצאת ליז מגיל ונשיאת אוניברסיטת הרווארד קלודין גיי

The ousting of Ivy League presidents treats symptom of antisemitism but not disease

11.12.23|Sophie Shulman
While necessary, the resignation of Penn president Liz Magill will be seen as a capitulation to rich and powerful donors and reinforce antisemitic stereotypes. More difficult will be addressing the deep-seeded antisemitism at these institutions.
הפגנה הפגנת תמיכה  פלסטינים ב קולומביה

Israeli University Heads: Western campuses have “adopted Hamas as the cause célèbre”

02.11.23|Shahar Ilan
Israel's Association of University Heads says that "college campuses have become breeding grounds for anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiments," in a second appeal to their colleagues around the world.
Fresh Fund

The VC aiming to be the “family and friends” of early-stage founders

21.02.22|James Spiro
Fresh.Fund offers pre-Seed funding to early-stage founders looking to penetrate Startup Nation
Hannukah חנוכה

It’s time for the university system to embrace the spirit of Hanukkah

11.12.20|Dov Greenbaum
Postgraduate education, like Hanukkah, might be a great opportunity for proof of concept in applying a truly personalized experience
אוניברסיטה הטכניון טכניון חיפה

Israeli Academic Institutions Quickly Adjusted to Remote Learning and There Is No Turning Back

03.04.20|Shahar Ilan
Once campuses were shut down nationwide in mid-March, it took a little over a week for all academic institutions in Israel to shift their curriculum, almost in its entirety, to the web
טקס הענקת תארים של בוגרי המרכז הבינתחומי אקדמאים סטודנטים

In Israel, Academia Is a Woman's Game, Until it Comes to STEM

22.10.19|Shahar Ilan
New data shows that 60% of Israeli students are women, but less than 35% of engineering and computer science students are female
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Blockchain Education Goes Mainstream

31.08.18|Aviv Lichtigstein
As more businesses look to harness blockchain, demand for specialists is booming
סטודנטים אוניברסיטה לימודים

Alumni Outreach Software Startup Graduway raises $12.7 million

06.12.17|Meir Orbach
UCLA, Oxford, and Johns Hopkins are among the universities that use Graduway’s tool to keep in touch with alumni
לוגו ctech

CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

The arrest of a man who promoted “risk-free” investments in startups, Teva’s strategy for recovery, and Turkish search engine used by authorities to suppress free speech
אוניברסיטה הטכניון טכניון חיפה

Israeli Universities Climb in Global University Employability Ranking

28.11.17|Lilach Baumer
The Technion came in at first place among all 150 universities in digital skills and ranked third in corporate links