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רן בליצר ראש מערך החדשנות קופ"ח כללית כנס מיקרוסופט בריאות

Israeli data confirms real-world efficiency rate of Covid-19 vaccine

25.02.21|Ynet and Reuters
The results of the study for the Clalit Research Institute were close to those in clinical trials last year which found two doses were found to be 95% effective
הלוויית הרב יצחק שיינר בירושלים חרדים

Israel extends lockdown despite succesfull vaccination drive

Ban on international flights to remain in place until Sunday; ministers vote to double fines for violators amid political standoff
שפעת חזירים חיסון זריקה

Anti-Vaxxers and Autism: Disability Culture vs. Ignorance

29.11.19|Dov Greenbaum
Anti-vaxxers have existed under the radar for a long time, but in recent years unheard-of outbreaks of nearly eradicated diseases, like measles or polio, brought the situation to a head