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מוסף שבועי 6.6.19 ויקטור וקסלברג

Following U.S. Sanctions, Israeli Cybersecurity Company Renounces Once-Boasted Ties to Russian Oligarch

30.07.19|Tomer Ganon, Hagar Ravet, Amir Kurz, and Ran Abramson
Russian businessman Viktor Vekselberg invested $13 million in Tel Aviv-based cybersecurity company Deep Instinct through investment fund IVCP, a 13.9% stake now worth around $28.5 million
ויקטור וקסלברג אוליגרך משקיע הממד החמישי

Shunned by the U.S., Russia's Most Westernized Oligarch Turns to Israel

26.06.19|Sophie Shulman
For years, Viktor Vekselberg nurtured strong ties with the U.S., but then the government named him a persona non grata. With a newly obtained Israeli citizenship, he is now working to strengthen connections between the Israeli tech ecosystem and Russia