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ועידת טוקיו 2023 יואל אסתרון מו"ל כלכליסט

High-tech must be the driving engine of the new Israel

15.01.24|Yoel Esteron
“Israeli high-tech must be the driving engine of a new, better Israel. I already know there is no need to encourage you. You have proven that you understand your essential role,” said Calcalist Publisher Yoel Esteron, speaking at the Tech TLV conference
ועידת תחזיות - יואל אסתרון מול כלכליסט

10 essential national tasks for the new year

27.12.23|Yoel Esteron
2024 will be at least as critical as 1974. Therefore, in order not to sink into a lost decade like after the Yom Kippur War, we need to start a national reform now, says Calcalist Publisher Yoel Esteron
מו"ל כלכליסט יואל אסתרון פותח את הוועידה הכלכלית הלאומית

Sometimes nightmares come true

18.07.23|Yoel Esteron
"The damage to the State of Israel is accumulating, unbearably difficult, but we are still in the moments where, if the campaign of destruction ends within a few months, we will be able to rebuild the ruins," said Calcalist Publisher Yoel Esteron
ועידת טוקיו 2023 יואל אסתרון מו"ל כלכליסט

"Trade between Israel and Japan is growing...but we can do more"

30.05.23|Yoel Esteron
"In recent years, Japan has steadily increased its involvement in the Israeli economy. Trade between Israel and Japan has grown to more than $4 billion dollars a year," said Calcalist Publisher Yoel Esteron at the start of the Israel-Japan Conference
הפגנה נגד ההפיכה המשטרית ב תל אביב

The disillusionment is long and partial. But it has started

10.04.23|Yoel Esteron
As expected, disillusionment hurts. Israel is beginning to understand, perhaps for the first time, that even the ministers of the extreme right, who believe in forceful solutions, cannot work miracles
ועידת לונדון 2023 יואל אסתרון וידאו

"Israel will survive this autoimmune attack on its democracy"

21.03.23|Yoel Esteron
"Israeli Tech will prosper. Please help us get through these difficult days. Don't give up on us. We shall overcome," Calcalist Publisher Yoel Esteron told the attendees at the Mind the Tech London conference
הפגנה מפגינים נגד המהפכה המשפטית 25.2.23

Don’t give up on us, not yet

26.02.23|Yoel Esteron
"’Israel's stock’ has suffered and will continue to suffer painful blows in the coming months, but you should not short it. Israel will survive this autoimmune attack on its democracy,” writes Yoel Esteron
ועידת התחזיות 2023 יואל אסתרון מו"ל כלכליסט

“Do not go gentle into that good night”

30.12.22|Yoel Esteron
“We need a determined war for democracy,” Calcalist Publisher Yoel Esteron called for in his opening remarks at Calcalist’s 2023 Forecasts Conference. “The main thing is to not be afraid”
ועידת Tech TLV 2022-  יואל אסתרון מול כלכליסט

Will high-tech survive in the new Israel?

30.11.22|Yoel Esteron
Third world countries do not grow elite technology or prosperous businesses, Calcalist Publisher Yoel Esteron warned in his opening remarks at the Tech TLV conference
ועידת Mind the Tech ניו יורק   יואל אסתרון מול כלכליסט

"Israeli high-tech will exit this crisis in a stronger and healthier position"

15.09.22|Yoel Esteron
"I’m willing to estimate that this crisis will be short and the recovery will be quick. I’m willing to say that by next year’s conference in New York the crisis will be behind us," said Calcalist Publisher Yoel Esteron at the start of the Mind the Tech conference in New York
כנס פורום היוניקורנס יואל אסתרון מו"ל כלכליסט

Honey, the unicorns have shrunk

29.06.22|Yoel Esteron
When did the worship of unicorns get replaced by sourness? Is the unbridled joy over the fall in share prices and the new wave of layoffs justified? Calcalist’s Publisher Yoel Esteron raises these hot issues and more at the Unicorns Forum
ועידת Mind The Tech יואל אסתרון

Tech community needs to help Ukraine in fight against Russia, says Calcalist Publisher

“The tech community in the West can and should act. Tech leaders don't have fighter jets or artillery, but we have technology that may help Ukraine fight against the aggressors,” said Yoel Esteron in his opening remarks at Calcalist’s Mind the Tech London Conference on Wednesday
 ועידת ניו יורק mind the tech 2021 יואל אסתרון

"Tech leaders should make the world a better place"

Speaking at Mind the Tech NY 2021, Calcalist publisher Yoel Esteron challenged entrepreneurs to address the big issues of humanity and planet earth
יואל אסתרון מו"ל כלכליסט טק על הגג

“Israel’s tech sector beat Covid-19,” says Calcalist publisher

20.04.21|Meir Orbach
Despite the challenging year to the local and global economy, Israeli tech companies racked up incredible achievements, Yoel Esteron said at the ‘Tech on the Roof’ event hosted by Calcalist and Bank Hapoalim
יואל אסתרון מו"ל כלכליסט ועידת לונדון 2019 mind the tech

Tech Innovators Must Take a Stand Against Loose Cannon Leaders

12.09.19|Yoel Esteron
The biggest threat to innovation and technology may well be politicians, Calcalist's publisher Yoel Esteron said at the Mind the Tech Conference, London
ועידה כלכלית לאומית 2019 יואל אסתרון

Democracy's Garden of Forking Paths

03.09.19|Yoel Esteron
Years from now, when our grandchildren will ask what happened in Israel in 2019, will we tell them, "quite frankly, we don’t remember whether we committed suicide that year or not?"
כנס כלכליסט ניו יורק נלסון גריגס

CTech’s Tuesday Israeli Tech News Roundup

Calcalist's Mind the Tech conference opened in New York City. Israel—the startup that predates 1948. Chinese telecommunications company Huawei sued for $23 million by Israeli distributor Electra for breach of contract
כנס כלכליסט ניו יורק יואל אסתרון

The Startup that Predates 1948

13.03.18|Yoel Esteron
The refugees that made the Israeli miracle possible were entrepreneurs and innovators before those words became a technological catchphrase. Calcalist's publisher Yoel Esteron at the Mind the Tech Conference, New York
לוגו ctech

Calcalist Launches English-Language Site Dedicated to Israeli Tech News

CTech will offer comprehensive coverage of Israel’s startup scene, and of Israeli-linked companies traded on stock exchanges in the U.S., Europe, and Asia