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CTech's Thursday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Private equity firm Baring completes $1.2 billion Lumenis acquisition; Teva will become less of a mess, says CEO Kåre Schultz

CTech 14:0020.02.20

Private equity firm Baring completes $1.2 billion Lumenis acquisition. In November, Calcalist reported the company signed an MoU for Lumenis’ acquisition from London-based XIO Group. Read more


Interview | Teva will become less of a mess, says CEO Kåre Schultz. Teva’s stock fluctuation is not the result of wrongdoing regarding the U.S. opioid abuse epidemic, but rather something born of the creativity of lawyers, Kåre Schultz said Wednesday at the company’s annual press conference in Tel Aviv. Two years after he moved to Israel to head the struggling Israeli drugmaker, Schultz seems more optimistic. Watch the video

Tel Aviv's skyline. Photo: Bloomberg Tel Aviv's skyline. Photo: Bloomberg


Gett’s IPO dreams are farther than ever with $24 million in private financing. In May, Gett CEO Dave Waiser stated the company’s round that month was likely its last before an early 2020 IPO, but a recent report from backer Vostok reveals Gett raised additional funding in the last quarter of 2019. Read more


WeTechBerlin | German Mittelstand companies present an opportunity for Israeli startups. A phenomenon unique to Germany, Mittelstand companies are commonly defined as small to medium private companies with up to 50 million euros in annual revenue and less than 500 employees. Read more


Cancer immunotherapy startup NeoTX raises $45 million. NeoTX uses STR to bind genetically engineered bacteria to tumor cells and simultaneously activate the antibacterial response of distant immune cells. Read more


Israel Chemicals Acquires Precision Agriculture Company Growers Holdings. North Carolina-based Growers develops technology that collects and turns manual and machine-generated farm data into planting and fertilization recommendations, aiming to generate higher agricultural yields. Read more


Israeli seed breeding startup Equinom raises $10 million. Equinom develops high-protein legumes and other non-GMO specialty crops for the food industry. Read more


Augmented reality startup actiview raises $10 million. Actiview develops augmented reality software for human resources managers and universities that uses short games and assignments to assess potential employees. Read more


Integer acquires medical device company Inomec. Inomec develops and manufactures a wide array of medical devices, including laparoscopy systems, catheters, devices for brain and head surgery, imaging technology, and veterinary devices. Read more


Dark Web Conference:


Financial organizations are attacked mostly by state-sponsored organizations, says Verint exec. Read more


Darknet is just a buzzWord, says cybersecurity CEO. Read more


Hacking is a way of thinking, says cyber exec. Read more