Which Israeli company is partnering with Tencent and who owns a startup’s funds, the company, or its investors?

CTech Daily Roundup: Meet the Swiss banker handling the exit bonanzas of Israel’s tech elite

CTech 22:3015.11.20
Interview | Meet the Swiss banker handling the exit bonanzas of Israel’s tech elite. Hyposwiss’s Solly Alain Lawi is convinced tech stocks will not come crashing down and offers up three reasons. Read more


Travel is now a ‘psychological challenge’, says SQream’s HR Manager. According to Saray Ben-Meir, flights are ‘crucial’ for their business.

So how did SQream cope during Covid-19? Read more


Hyperloop. Photo: Arstechnica Hyperloop. Photo: Arstechnica


SkyX to open R&D center in Israel, hire 50 people. Founded by Israeli Didi Horn, SkyX develops long-range drones for aerial scanning and data analysis. Read more


The battle between Sony vs. Microsoft will determine the future of gaming. Can Sony’s exclusive games be enough to keep dominating a market in the face of GamePass and the casual gamer appeal of Xbox’s Series S? Read more


Despite Covid-19 crisis, average Israeli programmer salary closing on $10k. Companies that suspended the hiring of new recruits at the beginning of the crisis are back in the market, and yet the supply of jobs hasn't returned to pre-Covid levels. Read more


Reinhold Cohn and Calcalist to host 2021 startup competition. Contest is open to startups at seed and series A stages, top three winners will be awarded strategic, digital marketing, and storytelling services worth up to NIS 100,000. Read more


Ever-changing tech job market presents surprising opportunities. Despite the abundance of candidates for every position, companies are more inclined to recruit employees not just based on their past experience. Read more


Opinion | Hyperloop is not only radical in its technology, but also in its intellectual property strategy. Ultimately, the goal is to merge the hyperloop system with an autonomous uber system, seamlessly connecting a human-free transportation system. Read more


Hagai Topolansky backs out of the race to be IAI’s next CEO, accuses selection committee of prejudice. The retired general wrote a letter explaining his decision and citing concerns about the selection process; IAI flatly denies accusations. Read more


Analysis | Who owns a startup’s funds, the company, or its investors? A court case into Israel’s forfeiture of a founder’s assets in a criminal proceeding may have wider implications for the tech investment scene. Read more


Israel’s WSC Sports enters partnership with China-based Tencent to develop AI sports content. The deal, which is understood to span multiple years, will provide Tencent with automated and personalized sports content for their digital platforms. Read more


Global event promoting female entrepreneurship kicks off in Israel. Panel hosts women from several countries, inspiring female business leaders to take the helm and discuss any obstacles they may face. Read more 


Opinion | You don’t need a global pandemic to disrupt a market. Tech expert highlights 5 industries that are ripe for a breakout. Read more