How to bypass the Zoom doom and why might mega-cap tech firms lag the market next year?

CTech Daily Roundup: Adam Neumann is a symbol of the cash-bloated startups era

CTech 22:0906.12.20
Going Bust: Adam Neumann is a symbol of the cash-bloated startups era. Neumann is a result of too much ambition colliding with too much money, says author of the Israeli entrepreneur’s biography. Read more 


Interview | Silicon Valley Boot Camp: Fusion LA accelerator marched out 49 startups in 3 years. The accelerator generally accepts 6-9 teams every six months to go through its intensive 10-week go-to-market and mentorship-driven program. Read more 


Kids on Zoom. Photo: Ben Rodshevski Kids on Zoom. Photo: Ben Rodshevski


Looking to recruit? Go to Facebook, says Plarium’s VP of HR. Speaking with CTech, Batya Ivanizer talks about some of the best ways to reach potential employees in a world of lockdowns and Zoom calls. Read more


Interview | “We learned to dare to dream,” says Israel’s top female space scientist. Ahead of the launch of Israel’s next astronaut, Inbal Kreiss discusses what comes next, why it’s important to dream, and how women can do anything they set their minds to. Read more 


Opinion | Pitching investors online? How to bypass the Zoom doom. To crack the secret of the remote pitch, early-stage ventures must “grow up” and start thinking like revenue-generating companies. Read more 


Shirbit hack serves as a wakeup call to every financial company. What's next for Shirbit and the insurance sector after company refuses to pay ransom and hackers vow to sell client data. Read more


Interview | Mega-cap tech firms could lag the market next year, but tech in general won't underperform, says UBS chief investment officer. Mark Haefele, Chief Investment Officer at UBS Global Wealth Management, says that stock markets will rise and fall depending on how quickly Covid-19 vaccines are approved and distributed. Read more 


FoodTech startup treats obesity, diabetes through individualized AI-driven nutrition plans. DayTwo studies patient’s microbiome and uses machine-learning based algorithms to recommend personalized diets aiming to lower blood sugar levels. Read more  


Interview | NewRocket’s next-generation engines aren’t just futuristic, they’re green. After NewRocket receives a seed stage investment to produce its low-cost, green engines that rely on clean nontoxic gel fuel, the company is looking to partner with aerospace groups for further testing. Read more


BrainsGate raises $14 million at $147 million valuation ahead of entering market with stroke treatment system. The Israeli company has developed a technology for the treatment of strokes named the Ischemic Stroke System. Read more 


Opinion | Morality on Mars: What’s to stop future spacefarers from ruining other planets? It is unclear how an Earth-bound society could enforce proper stewardship of the Martian ecosystem. Read more 


Round B | Founders should enjoy the same opportunity to diversify their wealth as their investors do. Shaul Olmert argues against those who claim that selling founders’ shares signals bad things about the company. Read more