How many employees is Check Point recruiting and who will win the digital wallet war?

CTech Daily Roundup: "Our arrival is a sign of the maturity of the Israeli economy"

CTech 23:1726.04.21
Blackstone CEO: "Our arrival is a sign of the maturity of the Israeli economy." Stephen A. Schwarzman believes there is only upside in the entrance of Blackstone Growth's $4.5 billion fund to Israel. Read more


Analysis | Blackstone in Israel: Pouring fuel on the raging fire of local tech. Israeli tech entrepreneurs are used to working with VC funds, but Blackstone is very different. Read more


Check Point. Photo: Reuters Check Point. Photo: Reuters


Check Point surpasses market forecasts for Q1, plans to recruit 600 new employees this year. The Israeli cybersecurity giant ended the first quarter of 2021 with total revenues of $508 million, a modest 4% increase year over year. Read more


Israeli startup generates oxygen from lunar soil. The Israeli Space Agency and the Ministry of Energy are backing an initiative that will generate oxygen from lunar soil, enabling space agencies to establish permanent colonies on the Moon. Read more 


The war over digital wallets has begun. Apple Pay’s entry into Israel in the next two weeks will ignite the battle between multiple vendors offering digital wallet services. Read more


Kaspersky: Over 8 million cyberattacks on remote working Israelis during Covid-19. According to a survey by the cybersecurity company, more than half (56%) of ransomware victims paid the ransom to restore access to their data last year. Read more


Augury helps Carrier with its new digital offering. The digital offering connects customers' equipment to Carrier's cloud-based IoT platform. Read more 


Latest count reveals 912 Israeli startups in the EU, employing 24,000 people. The report was conducted by EIT Hub Israel, ISERD, and CQ Global. Read more


Tech on the Roof | Zoomin CEO shares insights after returning to Israel. Gal Oron returned to Israel after a year and a half of building his company in New York - what did he miss? Read more