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Ctech Diversity Noa Matz

“Diversity is being true to yourself, showing more layers and colors of yourself”

30.01.23|Noa Gadot
Noa Matz, Partner at VC F2, believes that it is easier to overcome challenges with a diverse team
Ctech Work After Work Jonny Saacks

“You should invest for the right reasons, not because of FOMO or because others are doing it”

02.01.23|Noa Gadot
"2022 showed us there are no shortcuts. Learning and moving into 2023 it is back to basics," added Jonny Saacks, Managing Partner at VC F2
maor fridman F2 Venture Capital

“Prophecies are only given to fools - and investors are not fools”

22.12.22|Elihay Vidal, James Spiro
Maor Fridman of F2 Venture Capital joined CTech for the latest installment of “2022 VC Survey” to share insights and predictions for the year ahead.
נועה מץ F2 Venture Capital

"Investors always say they 'invest in people' but they don't know how to evaluate their potential"

14.08.22|Noa Gadot
In an interview with CTech, Noa Matz, Social psychologist and Operating Partner at F2 Venture Capital, explains her mission to bridge the gaps between investors and founders, her vision for social psychology, and her tips for her fellow women
מייסדי F2, מימין: נועה מץ, יונתן סאקס, מאוד פרידמן, ברק רבינוביץ

F2 Venture Capital raises $250 million for early-stage investments

05.07.22|Meir Orbach
The Tel Aviv-based VC firm has raised its third seed fund of $150 million for Israeli founders, as well as another $100 million fund to continue backing existing portfolio companies
Yaffa Abadi f2

Don’t cut your marketing spend just yet

29.05.22|Yaffa Abadi
Marketing is not a pause button that you can switch on and off at your leisure, it is an engine that builds on momentum, writes Yaffa Abadi, F2 Venture Capital’s Content Manager
מימין TAL ZACKON גלעד טלמון מרק גפן ו עירד אייכלר

Combat vs. Tech: Does your IDF service determine your future?

22.12.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
While many Unit 8200 recruits set themselves up for lucrative jobs, high tech leaders that served as IDF fighters say they would not change a thing
Tal Zackon F2 Venture Capital

Unlock the power of those ‘annoying’ investor updates

19.12.21|Tal Zackon
Rather than viewing them as a burden, you should view them as a tool with endless potential, writes Tal Zackon, Principal at F2 Venture Capital
מייסדי Darrow

Darrow raises $20 million to uncover corporate legal violations and bring justice to all

07.11.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup is focused on locating violations that have caused damage to millions of people on average – the threshold for a potential class-action lawsuit
גמר סטארטאפ פלוס הזוכים בתחרות

Blings.io crowned as winner of StartUp+ competition

04.11.21|Maayan Manela
The Israeli company has developed a platform for creating dynamic and interactive videos and beat out second-place finisher Luminescent, which manufactures a small, efficient, and inexpensive engine
מימין יעל אלעד דב מורן תמי ברונר מיכל דריימן תחרות סטארט אפ פלוס

StartUp+ Competition 2021: High tech leaders reveal their mistakes on the way to glory

31.10.21|Rotem Alon
Calcalist and Poalim Hi-Tech’s competition brought together senior figures in the Israeli high tech industry and they spoke to Calcalist about their greatest wins and losses, and the lessons they learned on the way to becoming the next big success story
חברת אינשורטק VOOM Insurance

VOOM raises $15 million to provide insurance to more mobility vehicles

05.10.21|James Spiro
Already providing insurance for drones, the company will expand to motorcycles, light aircraft, rideshare and delivery drivers
נועה מץ F2 Venture Capital

Maintaining a sense of urgency in early-stage startups

18.08.21|Noa Matz
This ‘magic’ can be brought down to one thing: a sense of urgency, and it is one of the most essential elements of a rapidly growing startup
  Barak Rabinowitz F2 VC

“Always take the bet. If you see the spark, take the bet. We're in the risk-taking business.”

Barak Rabinowitz, managing partner at F2 Venture Capital, talks to Michael Matias about being in the front of a movement
נועה מץ F2 Venture Capital

In the new age of VC, transparency is the name of the game

05.07.21|Noa Matz
"The new age of VC’s candor may have been brought on by a market shift and a need for VCs to focus on value add. But what it has created is a far healthier, far more beneficial framework for our founders and companies," writes Noa Matz of F2 Venture Capital
Barak Rabinowitz F2 Venture Capital

Israeli resilience: That’s how winning is done

24.05.21|Barak Rabinowitz
Israel now has more publicly traded companies on Nasdaq than any other country in the world besides the US and China, and more startup tech unicorns than all of Europe combined