Insight Partners' Jeff Horing.

Insight Partners’ Jeff Horing vows to support companies during crisis

Horing highlighted the crisis as an opportunity for growth during a video call with entrepreneurs and CEOs of Israeli companies in which his venture capital fund has invested

Unlike other venture capital and investment funds, U.S. investment giant Insight Partners recently held a special video call with Israeli entrepreneurs and CEOs in which it has invested, presenting its view of the current crisis and forecast for the future. Insight did not release the content of the conversation, but parts of it reached Calcalist.
The call included entrepreneurs and CEOs from 55 of the 80 companies in which Insight has invested in Israel. Insight was represented in the call by Co-Founder and Managing Director Jeff Horing, as well as new Israeli Managing Director Liad Agmon.
Horing told the entrepreneurs that Insight will invest in any of its good companies that will require funding. Insight, which over recent years has become the biggest investor in Israeli software companies, announced in February of this year the final closing of its twelfth flagship fund with total capital commitments in excess of $20 billion.
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ג'ף הורינג מייסד ושותף מנהל ב קרן אינסייט האמריקאית
ג'ף הורינג מייסד ושותף מנהל ב קרן אינסייט האמריקאית
Insight Partners' Jeff Horing.
(Photo: Orel Cohen)
Horing stressed during the call that he sees the situation slightly different to other experts and that he believes that while there are plenty of difficulties and uncertainty, this is also a period which presents an opportunity for growth.

He noted that there will be tough times, but Israeli companies are built for this in the best way possible due to their culture and the military experience gained by many in Israeli companies.
Horing added that many of the Israeli companies have built a good business and utilized the expertise offered by Insight. Some of the entrepreneurs told Horing that one of the reasons they selected Insight was due to the VC’s massive resources, both financial and operational, which allow it to help companies in a time of need. Horing stressed that while companies should keep looking forward and focus on growth, they need to do so in a smart manner which takes into account the current situation.