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February 2024 in Israeli tech funding: $293 million in 16 deals

This is a 60% decrease compared to the $731 million raised by Israeli startups in February 2023

Over $293 million were raised by Israeli startups across 16 deals during February. This is a 60% decrease compared to the $731 million raised by startups in February 2023. There were only four more deals in total in February of last year, but that month included $300 million raised by Wiz and $110 million secured by Via.
Of the 16 deals last month, 15 were either for Series A or Seed rounds. The only outlier was DustPhotonics, which raised $24 million in a Series B follow-on.
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Exodigo management.
The biggest deal of the month was recorded by Exodigo, which has developed an artificial intelligence solution for underground mapping. The company raised a $75 million Series A and also announced the conversion of $30 million secured in SAFEs in its Seed round.
See the full list of the February deals below (The list includes funding rounds of over $5 million that were officially announced during February):
The Israeli startup’s platform automatically ensures that all global equity operations are compliant and tax-optimized to maximize and protect the benefits of equity plans, both for employers and employees
Combining multiple types of powerful sensors, 3D imaging, cloud computing simulations and a proprietary AI platform, the Israeli startup fuses massive amounts of data into one map so companies can see risks and assets underground
The Israeli startup provides English language learners with an app-based platform that harnesses AI specifically built, trained, and optimized for gaining practical fluency through personalized learning
The Israeli startup’s platform discovers, visualizes, and protects a company’s entire hybrid IT infrastructure – whether on-premise, virtual, in the cloud, or a hybrid combination of them – in as little as 60 minutes
The Israeli startup collaborates with many of the world’s leading stock image providers and manages over one billion licensed images. These images are used to train BRIA’s text-to-image foundation models while ensuring the original creators, artists, and media companies receive royalties to fairly compensate for their images’ contribution to the final generated output
The Israeli startup, which develops silicon photonics for hyperscale data center and AI applications, has built a platform for the optical network market, offering improvements in bandwidth and speeds while lowering costs and power
The Israeli AI startup enables organizations to rapidly identify and eliminate deepfakes and synthetic media created by generative AI
The Israeli startup is building a modular network making it easy for developers and users to access blockchain through RPC & indexing
Its Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) platform discovers creative attack paths and maneuvers around existing security measures to identify and validate actual exposures
With software supply chain attacks on the rise, the Israeli startup’s platform leverages generative AI to provide customers with a remediation solution to this growing challenge
The Israeli startup’s globally-connected labels, which are the size of a credit card, report 6-dimensional telemetry shipment data in real time, without requiring any additional infrastructure
The company focuses on processing and consolidating data from various operational domains, including marketing, last-mile delivery, customer support, and warehousing
The Israeli startup’s platform allows security teams to visualize and prioritize hundreds of attack surface threats into a manageable set of specific, actionable insights
The Israeli-founded startup allows crypto holders to tap and pay at more than 100 million retailers globally where Visa and Mastercard are accepted, while merchants receive fiat currency