Ido Erlichman (Video)

Mind the Tech London 2022
Kape Technologies CEO: “People are now much more aware that they need to be better protected”

In an exclusive interview, Ido Erlichman shared how his cybersecurity company has boomed over the last few years - and he believes this is just the beginning

When Kape Technologies CEO Ido Erlichman said in an interview with Calcalsit’s Sophie Shulman at last week’s Mind the Tech conference in London that “2021 was a transformational year for Kape,” he was not kidding.
“Kape has grown very fast in the last six years,” Erlichman said. “We were able to grow our revenues from $38.2 million in 2012 to over $230 million in 2021 and for this year, 2022, we expect to generate between $610-$624 million of revenues, there are not too many companies in the world, especially Israeli companies, that have been able to drive worth up so quickly as we were able to achieve in recent years.”
Kape made major headlines in 2021 when it acquired ExpressVPN for nearly $1 billion in September 2021 and Webselenese, a privately held Israeli company, for $149 million.
When asked how Kape has grown as far as number of employees, Erlichman said that the last time he recalled speaking with Shulman his company had about 400 employees, but now Kape has “close to 850 people globally in 10 operational hubs, including 120 located in Tel Aviv and 50 here in London. And we are still growing, we are recruiting in all of our locations. We need more talent.”

When asked about the growing need of cybersecurity in today’s turbulent world, Erlichman said: “Over the last six years the market has grown significantly and people have come to understand that they need to take back control over the information they share online. People are now much more aware that they need to be better protected when they connect through unsecure WIFI connections. They want to limit the ability of third party organizations to track everything they are doing online. They need to have software that will enable them to continue their business routine and to control their digital information. Regarding Russia specifically, the challenge is to allow people access to content, which is a basic right of everyone, to get access to information.”
Referring to Kape, Erlichman added: “We are very pleased that we built an Israeli, but global, organization that is helping millions of people live a more secure digital life.”