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סטאקס CreditStacks אלנור רוזנרוט שחר נחמד

Israeli Credit Card Startup CreditStacks Raises $4 Million

25.01.18|Meir Orbach
CreditStacks offers credit cards to international workers who relocate to the U.S. and have no credit or employment history in the country
מימין גיא זיסקינד ו אדם בניון כנס פינטק Fintech

Refunding Hacked ICO Investors Helped Us Move Forward, Says Cryptocurrency Company CEO

08.11.17|Reut Shpigelman
In August, as cryptocoin platform Enigma MPC was preparing for its ICO scheduled for September, the company’s website and social accounts were hacked
מרקוס בטיסטי הממונה על ישראל בקרן אינטל קפיטל

Data Management Startup Bags $5 Million

24.09.17|Amarelle Wenkert
Panoply Ltd. raised $5 million from London-based venture capital firm C5 Capital Ltd. bringing its Series A funding to $13 million