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הפורום הכלכלי ערבי - פרופ' עדי ברנדר ראש חטיבת המחקר, בנק ישראל

"If we don’t succeed in closing gaps between the Arab & Jewish sectors, the entire economy will continue to decline”

19.09.23|Dotan Levy
Bank of Israel's Prof. Adi Brender added that the BoI has submitted reports to the Israeli government in which it defined the integration of the Arab society in the Israeli economy as an economic-strategic issue
הפורום הכלכלי ערבי - פאנל עידוד יזמות וחדשנות בחברה הערבית מנחה: פאדי סוידאן משתתפים: מוחמד עבד אלרחמאן , פיטר סמעאן , מוחמד היבי , סמיר חורי , ערן יניב

"There is no cultural mismatch between the Arab society and the world of entrepreneurship"

19.09.23|Dotan Levi
Experts on a panel on “Promoting Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Arab Society" hosted by the Arab Economic Forum in collaboration with Calcalist and the Ministry of Minority Affairs spoke about challenges faced by Arab entrepreneurs
שוק האשראי בחברה הערבית הוועידה השנתית של הפורום הכלכלי הערבי

Israel’s Supervisor of Banks: "When it comes to loaning money, there is no difference between an Arab and a Jew"

13.03.22|Dotan Levy
Yair Avidan spoke at the second annual conference of the Arab Economic Forum in collaboration with Calcalist: "If there is discrimination I will not stand for it;” CPA Mohamed Hibi, Partner in Deloitte: "Companies from the Arab sector have a place in the capital market"
סיטק פריפריה נצרת Lara Musalam

“Background stereotypes get demolished” when Jews and Arabs work together

09.03.22|James Spiro
As a student at the Unistream Association, Lara Musalam learned how Jews and Arabs can not only work together, but thrive in doing so.
הכפר הערבי  ריינה  ערביי ישראל ליד נצרת 2

NGO Launches Cybersecurity Training Program for Arabs with Israeli Citizenship

15.11.17|Hagar Ravet
The cybersecurity sector has been closed-off to Israel’s Arab population, says Paz Hirshman, the organization’s co-CEO