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Rabea Zioud 20

“We are connecting our Arab ecosystem to the local and global ecosystems”

When Rabea Zioud, co-founder and CEO of Hasoub, stumbled upon an entrepreneurship center at university, he didn’t know anything about the startup world
נשים חרדיות ב הייטק

Report: The integration of ultra-orthodox Jews and Arabs in the high-tech industry is proceeding too slowly

04.08.22|Shahar Ilan
The proportion of ultra-orthodox Jews and Arabs among young people in the high-tech industry has reached 10%. However, a rate of 2.5X is required in order to maintain growth
Maisam Jaljuli  Tsofen Organization

Tsofen Organization appoints Maisam Jaljuli as its new co-CEO

03.07.22|James Spiro
Jaljuli will help ensure the implementation of a five-year plan allocating NIS 600 million for developments and innovation in Arab society
רים ו עימאד יונס מייסדים ובעלים אלפא אומגא

“In the operating room, it doesn’t matter whether you’re from New York or Nazareth”

19.09.21|Roni Dori
Alpha Omega, a revolutionary biomedical startup from Nazareth is valued at hundreds of millions of dollars and is writing a new and fascinating chapter in Israeli high tech history