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אמיר הרמתי מנכ"ל ומייסד aiOla

aiOla raises $25 million to interface natural language to AI solutions in traditional manufacturing

The Israeli startup has developed state-of-the-art voice and image recognition combined with advanced AI models to digitize, automate and streamline inspection processes
NeuReality team

NeuReality raises $35 million Series A to accelerate AI

The Israeli AI hardware startup’s solution includes hardware, software, and tools that work together to boost efficiency and simplify the adoption and deployment of AI in a wider range of real-world applications
אלון מאסק טוויטר - The bot that will add (artificial) intelligence to your tweets

Two Israeli techies have released a bot that used AI to generate tweets
Tomer Gal Opteamizer

AI consultancy OpTeamizer to invest millions of dollars in early-stage startups

OpTeamizer plans to invest in 10 early-stage Israeli startups, with the financial scope of each investment ranging from $50,000 to $300,000 and beyond
איתי ענבר  שי גרינפילד  גרינפילד פרטנרס

MLOps as the key to unlocking the potential of AI

17.02.22|Shay Grinfeld and Itay Inbar
"While the promise of AI has made its way into our lives, its steep barriers and increasing requirements have made only the most technologically advanced organizations able to harness its true potential," write Shay Grinfeld and Itay Inbar of Greenfield Partners
מימין אהרון צ'חנובר יו"ר הוועדה המדעית בקיוריס והמנכ"ל צחון בנטואיץ'

Pharma giant Merck inks deal with Israel’s Quris for clinical safety prediction

09.02.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli company which develops predictive technology based on artificial intelligence has signed an agreement worth tens of millions of dollars to test drugs by the pharma giant
ד"ר נועם ברזיס וד"ר זוהר ברונפמן מייסדי Pecan

Pecan AI raises $66 million from Insight Partners, Google, to automate predictive analytics

02.02.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup’s proprietary AI algorithms optimize and train predictive models to get effective results as quickly as scientifically possible
מוסף שבועי 13.1.21 ירון זינגר בעלים של חברת בינה מלאכותית

The man who’s restoring common logic to artificial intelligence

17.01.22|Sophie Shulman
After uncovering the inconvenient truth about AI, Yaron Zinger decided to walk away from a promising career at Harvard and set up start-up Robust Intelligence with a mission to reduce the risks that companies take on when they install AI systems
בינה מלאכותית רובוטים AI מרכז שירות

When AI goes too far

25.11.21|Dov Greenbaum
“The use of AI to help in the hiring process is growing, and it has found an even broader audience because of the pandemic,” writes Dov Greenbaum
Oren Aharon

Hour One CEO wants you to “go and create”

04.09.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
The Israeli startup’s AI-based video production platform transforms your text into video, using computer-generated characters based on real people
Reminiscence Website screenshot

D-ID and Oblio partner with Warner Bros. to create a personal experience for movie fans

12.08.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
The Israeli startup and the digital studio are collaborating with Warner Bros. and calling on users to create a personalized movie trailer for the new Hugh Jackman film 'Reminiscence.'
איציק לביא מנכל וממייסדי גאוקס

GEOX to produce three-dimensional mapping of 18 million buildings in Australia

The Israeli startup, which reached an agreement with the Australian government company Geoscape, will apply its AI technology to aerial photographs and provide valuable information
מימין מיכה בריקסטון ראסל לוי ו רועי רענני מייסדי

ZoomInfo buys Israeli company for $575 million

13.07.21|Meir Orbach’s 200 employees, 40 of which are based in Tel Aviv, will join the business intelligence company. “We will take what Chorus can do and put them on steroids," ZoomInfo CTO Nir Keren told Calcalist
אוניברסיטה הטכניון טכניון חיפה

Technion ranked No. 1 in Europe in Artificial Intelligence

The Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa has established itself as a leading academic institution in AI over the years and is currently ranked 15th in the world, and first in Europe, with 100 faculty members engaged in areas across the AI spectrum
AiVF Daniel Seidman Daniella Gilboa Dan Ariely

Study: Genetic characteristics in embryos can be identified by non-invasive AI analysis

28.06.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
Israeli startup AiVF claims its technology “can automatically and reliably determine an embryo's ploidy status i.e, whether it is genetically suitable”
אהוד האוזמן עו"ד ועורך פטנטים

Protecting AI and ML IP is crucial to remaining competitive in booming domain

27.06.21|Ehud Hausman
"Contrary to the common myth, in most leading countries including but not limited to the U.S., Europe (EPO), China, Korea and Japan, software-related inventions are patentable and enforceable," writes Ehud Hausman of Reinhold Cohn & Partners
Lendbuzz דן רביב אמיתי קלמר

Fintech company Lendbuzz announces $60 million Series C and $300 million in debt financing

23.06.21|Meir Orbach
The AI-based auto finance platform helps individuals currently underserved by the traditional credit system to purchase a car
צוות פקאן

Pecan AI raises $35 million series B led by GGV

05.05.21|Meir Orbach
"We are building the Wix of AI,” said CEO Zohar Bronfman, with Pecan’s analytics platform aiming to provide both commercial analysts and business stakeholders with the power of predictive AI
 דוד גולן כריס מנסי raises $71 million to expand AI healthcare solutions

17.03.21|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup, which has developed deep learning and artificial intelligence-powered technology, is aiming to build on its deep learning model identifying signs of a stroke on brain CTs