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משמאל רועי סבג בלוקצ'יין כרייה אמיליאנו גרוצקי מייסד בקבון Backbone

Merger Sees First Bitcoin Mining Company Traded on The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

16.04.18|Dror Reich
Canadian cryptocurrency mining firm Bitfarms first announced a plan to merge with a Tel Aviv-listed shelf company in December 2017
רועי סבג בלוקצ'יין כרייה משאבי טבע

Israeli-Canadian Bitcoin Outfit Set to Complete Merger by End of Month

26.03.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Canadian cryptocurrency mining firm Backbone Hosting Solutions (Bitfarms) is in the process of merging with Tel Aviv-listed Blockchain Mining, having passed scrutiny from the Israeli regulator
נשק רובה עוזי uzi gun

CTech’s Sunday Israeli Tech News Roundup

Israeli defense contractor Elbit to buy state-owned weapons manufacturer IMI, maker of the Uzi submachine gun. Holocaust law sees Polish bourse walled out of Tel Aviv Exchange bid
בקבון חוות שרתים Backbone server farm

Israeli-Canadian Bitcoin Outfit to Invest $195 million in New Quebec Computing Centers

11.03.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Canada-based Backbone Hosting Solutions, also known as Bitfarms, is in the process of merging with Tel Aviv-listed shelf company Blockchain Mining
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CTech’s Monday Israeli Tech News Roundup

Israel wants to lure U.S. scientists with $100 thousand grants. Barclays ends partnership with Ness Technologies
חנות לממכר ביטקוין ב ת"א תל אביב

From Cryptocelebs to Auto Micropayments: Stories From Israel’s Bustling Crypto Scene

Israeli techies are fascinated by cryptocurrencies. Here are the 7 stories about crypto that fascinated our readers
רועי סבג בלוקצ'יין כרייה משאבי טבע

Israeli Shelf Company Turned Crypto-Mining Company Plans to List on Toronto Exchange

30.01.18|Reut Shpigelman and Amarelle Wenkert
Quebec-based crypto-coins mining company Backbone Hosting attempted to list on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange through a merger with a Tel Aviv shelf company before it was blocked by the Israeli securities regulator. Now, the company looks to Toronto and Nasdaq
מייסדי Backbone Hosting מימין: פייר לוק קווימפר אמיליאנו גרודצקי מתיו וישון ו ניקולס בונטה

Shelf Company Revived as Bitcoin Farm Surpasses Market Cap of Israel’s National Airline

11.12.17|Asaf Shalev
Natural Resource Holdings’ market value reaches $280 million after announcement of merger with cryptocurrency mining company
מייסדי Backbone Hosting מימין: פייר לוק קווימפר אמיליאנו גרודצקי מתיו וישון ו ניקולס בונטה

Canadian Crypto Mining Company Finds Way to Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

07.12.17|Orr Hirschauge, Amarelle Wenkert and Dror Reich
Backbone Hosting Solutions will be merged with Israeli shelf company Natural Resource Holdings. The latter’s stock price shot up over 4000%