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אייל הרצוג

The Crypto Crash is an Opportunity to Build a Better Industry, Says Blockchain Entrepreneur

Having lived through the crash with his first company, Bancor co-founder Eyal Hertzog has much to say about the downturn in the crypto industry
את'ריום מטבעות וירטואליים קריפטו בלוקצ'יין

Israeli Crypto Startup Bancor Loses $13.5 Million to Hacking

10.07.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Bancor reported the incident in a tweet on Monday. A digital coin valued at $23.5 million was stolen, with Bancor eventually retrieving $10 million worth of its own coin, BNT
היזם הסדרתי משה חוגג

Review of Refundable Sirin Labs Tokens Points to Six Major Transactions

18.01.18|Hagar Ravet
The unknown buyers of nearly $50 million-worth of Sirin’s cryptocurrency have 38 days left to ask for a refund