5 stories about Bedouin
הפזורה ה בדואית בדואים בנגב

Why are there almost no Bedouins in high-tech companies?

13.09.22|Shahar Ilan
A new study found that two major barriers to employing Bedouins are the language barrier and the tensions between Bedouins and Jews in the south. Study also reveals that 20% of Bedouin boys dropout of high school
סיטק פריפריה באר שבע Othman Alshekh

Siraj Technologies is creating the next generation of Bedouin role models

14.02.22|James Spiro
“This potential is untapped,” said CEO of Siraj Technologies Othman Alshekh when discussing how his company helps the community
דר סראב אבו רביעה קווידר

“Remote learning is failing our children”: Education expert warns of a lost generation

04.10.20|Omer Kabir
Video calls are no substitute for in-class education, underprivileged communities bear the brunt, says Ben-Gurion University researcher
מבני מגורים של בדואים ב ישובי ה פזורה ה בדואית ב נגב

Israeli government to invest millions in bringing Bedouins online

24.06.20|Avior Abou
Nine Bedouin regional councils in southern Israel to receive free wireless internet thanks to NIS 16 million investment
מבני מגורים של בדואים ב ישובי ה פזורה ה בדואית ב נגב

Israeli Tech Veteran Giora Yaron Wants to Bring Israel’s Bedouins Into the Tech Fold

18.05.18|Hagar Ravet
General Electric is already outsourcing jobs to a small team of Bedouin engineers, as part of an initiative set up by Mr. Yaron