20 stories about Covid-19
Ilan Buganim Sapiens

Will insurance digitalization introduce a new social platform?

23.11.22|Ilan Buganim
Ilan Buganim, chief technology and information officer at Sapiens, explains how social media accelerates insurance digitalization
Daniel Green Faye 20

“Caring about the customer as a philosophy has so many amazing side effects.”

COVID highlighted not only the need for travel insurance, but the need for better travel insurance, says Daniel Green, co-founder and CTO at Faye.
קנדה קורונה עובדי בריאות נערכים לערוך בדיקות קורונה למגיעים לנמל תעופה ב טורונטו

AID Genomics closing Israeli R&D center, firing 400 employees

24.07.22|Meir Orbach
The global company rose to prominence in Israel over recent years following its activity in the Covid-19 testing market, but has decided to cut back its local workforce due to differences with the Ministry of Health
ועידת Mind The Tech לונדון Anna Bayes Ctech וידאו

“Covid-19 was a huge impetus for health IT” in the UK during the pandemic

31.03.22|James Spiro
Dr. Anna Bayes, UK Medical Director at Allscripts, discusses the impact that the pandemic had on the urgency to adopt new technologies
עידו ביגר סמנכ"ל טכנולוגיות מידע אל על  ועידת לונדון 23.3.22

"We aren't the most prestigious or rich airline, but we have integrated over 20 local innovative technologies"

26.03.22|Meir Orbach
Despite experiencing trials and tribulations during the Covid-19 pandemic, El Al CIO and CDO Ido Biger believes the airline can draw many benefits from the crisis
Amalia Adler-Waxman Teva Pharmaceuticals 20

“You have to walk the talk and have proof for everything that you say.”

Now vice president of Environmental, Social and Governance at Teva Pharmaceuticals, Amalia Adler-Waxman says that doing good requires being conscious and strategic
בדיקת קורונה במי ביוב

Israel’s Ministry of Health takes its Covid-19 wastewater project nationwide

04.01.22|James Spiro
Kando has been conducting research in the country’s sewer systems since 2020
Adam de la Zerda Visby Medical 20

“Changing consumer behavior is hard. But the pandemic showed that there is a way.”

Those working at Visby Medical have always shared a sense of purpose to help patients, shares founder and CEO Adam de la Zerda
אירוע Roadshow Galit Arizon

Despite Omicron, shoppers are rushing back to physical stores

07.12.21|James Spiro
Speaking at the Poalim Hi-Tech and Calcalist Roadshow, Pairzon Founder and CEO Galit Arizon dispels rumors of an empty high street
Amit Rapaport Compete 20

“It's for my kids. I think that for the very first time, they see me and they're extremely proud.”

Michael Matias talks with Amit Rapaport, co-founder and CEO of Compete, about her journey in the startup world during the pandemic
כנס techtlv Nadir Izrael

Covid-19 “shrunk the distance between Israel and the rest of the world”

08.11.21|James Spiro
Armis Security spoke with CTech at Tech TLV to discuss how the pandemic shifted Israel’s place on the global landscape
הצוות הנשי של ננוסנט

NanoScent develops device to detect Covid-19

08.11.21|Yafit Ovadia
The Israeli medical device startup’s sensor is capable of detecting a variety of diseases through scent, including coronavirus
ראיון עם ג'יימס פיליפס מ מיקרוסופט

Microsoft Exec: Covid-19 caused a "domino effect on the global economy"

Speaking to James Spiro ahead of Tech TLV, Microsoft’s James Phillips discusses some of the ways that the tech giant responded to the pandemic
מטהר אוויר מתוצרת אורה Aura Smart Air

Aura air filtration system neutralizes Covid-19, confirms Ministry of Health

10.10.21|Hezi Sternlicht
The ministry’s regulatory medical device approval was based on testing data provided by Aura, showing a nearly-100% neutralization of Covid-19 viruses in an enclosed space
Yoni Shtein Laguna 20

"Laguna's success would be making a real dent in people's healthcare and life after hospitalization.”

Yoni Shtein, CEO and co-founder of Laguna, talks to Michael Matias about how a company from Ramat Gan can help millions of Americans with their healthcare
Guy Winch Circles

Circles appoints Guy Winch as Chief Strategic Officer, Relationships

30.09.21|James Spiro
Winch will address the global spikes in divorce and breakups due to the pandemic
נועם טויסטר

Bookaway CEO: We have the potential to grow into a $10 billion company

26.09.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
Noam Toister tells CTech how his honeymoon inspired the founding of his company, and how you bounce back from downsizing 40% of the staff

Unicorn-nation: how Israel became a production line for companies valued at over $1 billion

23.09.21|Sophie Shulman
Israel has become a unicorn hub, with some local companies nearing $10 billion valuations
Amphy Team

Amphy’s live online classes will stop you closing the laptop

13.09.21|James Spiro
When there’s a teacher on the other side, you’ll feel guilty about quitting your yoga session
Ariel Halevi Vayomar

Musings on the gig economy Post-Covid: The genie is out of the bottle and doesn’t want to go back

31.08.21|Ariel Halevi
Organizations that do not seize the opportunity and harness freelance talents as assets will miss out on a slice of the expert manpower pizza pie, writes Ariel Halevi