20 stories about Crypto
סניף בנק ברקליס ב לונדון

Terror fundraiser: Even after the massacre, Hamas keeps collecting donations through crypto and banks

26.10.23|Viki Auslender
Although the Israeli police announced the freezing of the terrorist organization's accounts in crypto and Barclays Bank, access has been opened again and donations are flowing in. The cutting of resources of global enforcement bodies is a major factor that makes this possible
איטורו Etoro

eToro valued at $2.5 billion in massive $120 million secondary deal

31.07.23|Sophie Shulman
The buyers in the transaction are two of the largest investors from the company's previous funding round
משה חוגג יושב ראש ו בעלים של ביתר ירושלים

Moshe Hogeg returns to crypto business with Tomi while he awaits decision on fraud charges

11.06.23|Amir Kurz and Viki Auslender
Hogeg, who was arrested about a year and a half ago, among other things, on suspicion of defrauding crypto investors of hundreds of millions of dollars, revealed last week at a conference in Marrakech that he is part of the team behind cryptocurrency Tomi

The environmental pollution behind the boom in artificial intelligence

23.04.23|Viki Auslender, Shani Ashkenazi
Huge server farms that power AI have a climate impact that could increase to 14% of global carbon emissions
Yoni Assia eToro

Twitter partners with Israel-founded eToro to offer stocks and crypto on the platform

13.04.23|James Spiro
It is understood that the partnership will expand Twitter’s ‘cashtags’ to cover many more asset classes and include a button that will send users directly to the eToro website
צ'נגפנג זאו CZ מייסד ומנכ"ל בייננס Binance  קריפטו

Israeli regulators investigating Binance again after ordering it to shut unlicensed local activity last year

15.02.23|Golan Hazani
The Capital Market Authority is checking information according to which the Binance crypto exchange has returned to operating in Israel through a local website, even though it did not receive a license to do so
Nilos Team New

Nilos raises $5.2 million to unify crypto and fiat treasuries for businesses

21.09.22|James Spiro
The company provides a platform for businesses to connect crypto wallets, corporate bank accounts, and payment service providers to centralize all their treasury operations
מטבעות קריפטו

Israelis suspected of laundering millions through crypto after defrauding French state treasury

15.08.22|Omer Kurtz
After an undercover investigation in cooperation with Europol and the French police, three people were arrested by Israel police suspected of stealing and laundering tens of millions of shekels
מוסף שבועי 4.8.22 ג'יימס האוולס

How to find 8,000 bitcoins buried under 110,000 tons of garbage

04.08.22|Roni Dori
In the depths of a landfill in Wales rests a hard drive with bitcoins currently worth around $185 million. James Howells, the man who accidentally threw the drive in the trash nine years ago, explains his crazy plan to locate, extract and restore the lost coins
UnCaged MonkeyLeague

Web3 gaming studio UnCaged, builder of MonkeyLeague, raises $24 million Series A

The Israeli startup developed its esports franchise on its own platform, which is also designed to support both Web3-native studios and Web2 development houses looking to jump into the crypto gaming ecosystem
מייסדי צלזיוס מימין אלכס משינסקי  ו דניאל לאון

Crypto lender Celsius sued for being a Ponzi scheme

08.07.22|Reuters and CTech
A former investment manager at the ailing American-Israeli cryptocurrency platform claims it used customer deposits to rig the price of its own crypto token and failed to properly hedge risk
טל וויזר פינסטרה

How banks, regulation, and the business world are addressing the current crypto crisis

23.06.22|Tal Weiser
“The crisis is an opportunity to examine fundamental issues in the market, resolve regulatory issues and instill confidence among all stakeholders,” writes Tal Weiser, Managing Director Sales, Global Services International Payments at Finastra
Sasan Goodarzi - Intuit

Bitcoin is crashing - but don’t rule out crypto just yet, says Intuit

16.06.22|James Spiro
Intuit CEO Sasan Goodarzi joined CTech during a visit to Israel to discuss blockchain technology in the fintech space
Solidus founders

Solidus Labs secures $45 million Series B to monitor crypto market integrity and risk

The Israeli startup’s crypto-native risk monitoring suite serves dozens of leading crypto and DeFi platforms, financial institutions, and regulators, monitoring more than 1 trillion trading events per day in more than 150 markets