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Israel’s Supreme Court Weighs In on Single-Vendor Ban on Juul

06.11.18|Adi Pick and Adrian Filut
Following a September appeal by E-Cigarette maker Juul, Israel’s Supreme Court has ordered the country’s health ministry to hold a hearing for all relevant companies in Israel
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Following Government Ban, Juul Switches to Reduced-Nicotine Pods in Israel

03.09.18|Lilach Baumer
On Monday, a ban on the sales of Juul's 5% nicotine pods in the country came into effect. Juul is contesting the decision in court
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Juul to Cease Selling E-Cigarette in Israel in 10 Days

26.08.18|Moshe Gorali
On Sunday, the Israeli Supreme Court rejected Juul’s request for a temporary injunction against last week’s government ban
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Juul Petitions Israeli Supreme Court to Overturn Marketing Ban

24.08.18|Moshe Gorali
On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed off on the ban the country's ministry of health promoted against the e-cigarette
ג'ול Juul סיגריה אלקטרונית

Netanyahu Bans E-Cigarette Juul in Israel

22.08.18|Adrian Filut
The Israeli Prime Minister is also the country's health minister. Juul intends to petition the Israeli Supreme Court to reverse the edict