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“The heady days of 2021-2022 when companies could just waste money are over”

Netta Kivilis, Founder and CEO of Blue Seedling, spoke to CTech about why companies need to be focusing on sustainable growth

Netta Kivilis
(Credit: Sinai David)

“Today we're all about sustainable growth. The heady days of 2021-2022 when companies could just waste money, paying $10 to acquire customers and getting $5 back from the customer, are over,” said Blue Seedling Founder and CEO Netta Kivilis, speaking to CTech at Calcalist’s e-commerce event. “Companies need to be more efficient with a path to profitability.”
Founded in 2016, Blue Seedling is a U.S.-based boutique marketing firm focusing on high-growth enterprise B2B startups and scaleups. They work with companies across various sectors including FinTech, Retail Tech, MarTech, Cybersecurity and some of their clients include Wiz, Cloudinary, Granulate, Run:ai, and others.
Today’s market has gone from “a mindset of growth at all costs,” to “a mindset of sustainable, responsible growth,” says Kivilis.
“If you are a startup today, your VCs are looking for you to present solid, continuous growth, but also to do it in an efficient, cost-effective way, sustainable growth. If you’re the CEO of a tech startup and you're marketing vendor is still promoting the same playbook from the good old days of 2022, of spending ludicrous amounts of money on online advertising, huge conferences, sponsored content campaigns, with no path to seeing a return from these campaigns, you should run for the hills,” says Kivilis. “Look for other marketing leaders and other marketing agencies that support the playbook of efficient, sustainable growth.
“At Blue Seedling, we believe in what we call the virtuous content cycle, and it's really about getting back to the basics. Who's your target audience? What acute problem are you solving for that audience? How is your product or solution doing that? And, once you have that framework, let's create entertaining, educational, informative, relevant, non-salesy content and find effective ways to get this content in front of your target audience.”
You can watch the full interview in the video above.