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שאול אלוביץ יושב ראש יורקום תקשורת

As Parent Company Heads To Liquidation, Control Struggle at Israel’s Biggest Telco Continues

23.04.18|Golan Hazani and Lilach Baumer
On Sunday, an Israeli district court judge ordered the liquidation of the parent company of Israeli telecommunication provider Bezeq
קובי פז מונה למ״מ מנכ״ל בזק

Bezeq Appoints Acting CEO, But Board Power Struggle Continues

28.02.18|Lilach Baumer
On Thursday, Bezeq announced the appointment of Yakov Paz, the company's vice president and business division manager, as acting CEO
דוד גרנות ממלא מקום יו"ר בזק

Contesting Sides Battle to Appoint Chairman at Israel’s Bezeq

27.02.18|Golan Hazani
With top executives under criminal investigation, the scramble to fill a management void at Israel’s largest telecommunication provider is embroiling the company’s board in a power struggle
אור אלוביץ דירקטור ב בזק ו יור חלל תקשורת

Probe Gives Rise to Power Struggle at Israel’s Biggest Telecom Provider

26.02.18|Golan Hazani
Embroiled in debt and implicated by the country’s Securities Authority, Israel’s Elovitch family tries to maintain hold on Bezeq to enable the sale of the company