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לירון פטרושקה

Tech entrepreneurs Liron and Naomi Petrushka die in California plane crash

31.03.24|Meir Orbach
The Petrushkas, well-known entrepreneurs and investors, had been living in California in recent years and invested in, among others, Check, Next Insurance and VC firm UpWest.
Jason Feifer Podcast

Jason Feifer: "I think that everybody's career has a zigzaginess to it. I call it the zigzag payoff"

This month, Ronen and Noa speak with Jason Feifer, the Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, about careers and the power of AI.
פרויקט הסטארטאפים 2019 AppsFlyer אורן קניאל

Oren Kaniel: "When there is infinite power, there is corruption"

16.01.23|Oren Kaniel
אהרון מנקובסקי שותף מנהל ב Pitango Growth פיטנגו

Aaron Mankovski: "The whole world never cared who was in government, only that there is a stable political system here that does not affect high-tech"

16.01.23|Aaron Mankovski
עמית בן דב מנכל גונג

Amit Bendov: "When two wolves and a sheep decide what they are eating for lunch, that is not democracy"

16.01.23|Amit Bendov
אייל ולדמן איל ולדמן

Eyal Waldman: “I am already hearing from foreign investors that they prefer to go to places where the legal system has not been harmed"

16.01.23|Eyal Waldman
דב מורן ועידה מחיר הסיפוח

Dov Moran: "The most terrible damage of all of this is the loss of democracy"

16.01.23|Dov Moran
ד"ר יוסי מערבי דיקן בית הספר אדלסון ליזמות אוניברסיטת רייכמן

Entree for entrepreneurs: An expert shares the recipe for what makes an expert entrepreneur

13.02.22|Maayan Manela
ערן וגנר

Don’t blame the founders

01.11.21|Eran Wagner
The gap between entrepreneurs' expectations and investors could grow at any point during a company’s lifecycle, so it’s important for both sides to ensure that a healthy dialogue - based on mutual transparency and trust - continues to exist
גיא שחר Namogoo

How three former CEOs went from entrepreneur to employee

19.09.21|Maayan Manela
After having to pivot their careers, the three discussed their ability to influence, innovate, and initiate change within a large organization, while giving up on their dream
עסק קטן הקמת עסק סטארטאפ תוכנית עסקים קטנים 1

Want to build your own startup? Prepare to be flexible

23.02.21|Maayan Manela
The year 2021 is set to pose challenges for new entrepreneurs who aim to build their own startup, but senior executives believe they can succeed if they follow a few tips
עסק קטן הקמת עסק סטארטאפ תוכנית עסקים קטנים 2

Startup+ Competition: These startups create innovative products for everyday use

14.12.20|Meir Orbach
Reducing the risk of bodies’ rejecting implants, easy-to-use information about real estate data, and a support network for abused women are just some of the tech solutions featured in Calcalist’s Startup+ competition that can be used every day
אנדרי בראסובנו שותף בקרן אקסל

The Israeli market is small, yet mature, says Accel VC partner

02.11.20|Hagar Ravet
Andrei Brasoveanu, partner at the U.S. venture capital fund Accel, speaks about his investments in Israeli companies, says managers and investors should continue closing deals, even over Zoom
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How to Run Effective Board Meetings in a Startup

14.11.17|Amit Karp
Board meetings can be a great pain or a add great value to a startup. When managed correctly, they should always be the latter
משרדי wework וושינגטון ארה"ב

WeWork to Build “WeGrow,” an Entrepreneurial Elementary School, Report Says

08.11.17|Amarelle Wenkert
A pilot program is already underway at WeWork’s New York City headquarters, Bloomberg reported
מוסף שבועי 10.10.17 מימין אלי בן סימון ו צביקה ברקאי קיבוץ חצרים

In a Kibbutz-Run Venture Capital Operation, Commune Members Weigh In

06.11.17|Keren Tsuriel Harari
With stakes in three companies, one of them sold to a Mexican piping company for $1.5 billion, Israel’s Kibbutz Hatzerim runs a varied investment portfolio, reflecting a five-year strategic plan
לחיצת ידיים

Convertible Rounds are Not Faster and Cheaper

05.11.17|Zachi Zach
In contrast to a pre-conception held by many entrepreneurs, convertible loans are not always preferable to equity investments
תחרות סטארטפים ברק בן עזר נימה neema

How to Nail Your Y Combinator Interview

02.11.17|Barak Ben Ezer
Advice from Y Combinator grad, “class” of 2017