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Wib founders

API security startup Wib acquired by F5 for tens of millions of dollars

The Israeli startup’s platform provides complete visibility across the entire API landscape, from code to production, and will become part of F5’s Distributed Cloud Services
פנאי ארן אראל

F5 firing 10% of Israeli team

24.04.23|Meir Orbach
The American cybersecurity company is reducing its global workforce by 9%, a total of 623 employees
Aran Erel F5 20

“I love technology and writing. They complement each other.”

Having his wife’s support and help has made it possible for F5's Aran Erel to combine his passion for technology with his love for writing.
Dor Zakai F5

Brand loyalty is dead: long live the era of the modern apps

27.02.22|Dor Zakai
"The term 'brand loyalty' is fast becoming a thing of the past to be replaced by the desire for an outstanding digital experience," writes Dor Zakai, EMEA Senior Director of Solutions Engineering at F5
Israel is in the sights of hackers

Israel is the number one country on hackers’ target list, new study reveals

22.12.20|Raphael Kahan
Whether it be for geostrategic purposes or simply out of greed, hackers have Israel directly in their sights