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צבי שרייבר מנכ"ל פרייטוס

Freightos lists on Nasdaq via SPAC merger at a $500 million post money valuation

26.01.23|James Spiro
The freight booking and payment platform raised over $80 million in capital through the transaction, including $10 million from Qatar Airways and $60 million from M&G Investments and The Prudential Assurance Company
צבי שרייבר מנכ"ל פרייטוס

Freight digital booking and payment platform Freightos to merge with SPAC at $435 million valuation

The Israeli startup’s platform serves over 10,000 importers/exporters, 3,500 freight forwarders and 200 carriers, enabling hundreds of thousands of international freight bookings annually
צבי שרייבר מנכ"ל פרייטוס

Simplified Shipping: Freightos' digital booking platform is innovating the freight industry

17.02.22|Yonatan Sredni
Founded a decade ago out of the need to simplify the complicated, old fashioned world of international shipping, Israel's Freightos aims to become the of freight
צבי שרייבר מנכ"ל פרייטוס

Singapore Exchange Leads $44 Million Funding Round for Freight Marketplace Startup Freightos

17.09.18|Hagar Ravet
Freightos operates an online freight sales platform with tools such as price comparison, instant booking, and shipment tracking for freight shipments
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In Turbulent Waters, Big Shipping Companies Turn Fast

24.04.18|Eytan Buchman
Global freight forwarders make a sharp turn in the adoption of online services. Domain-relevant startups can speed up the process