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Guy Katsovich Nadav Shimoni

Nurturing digital health innovation: New Israeli program steps in to address startup decline

The program offers early-stage investment of up to $500,000 through a SAFE model, with Arkin Digital Health and Fusion aiming to invest in 10 new startups this year
Yair Guy Fusion

“Israel’s tech sector can recover within months”

21.02.24|James Spiro, Elihay Vidal
Pre-Seed VC firm Fusion joined CTech for its 2024 VC Series to share insights on how the next year may look amid a string of national and global challenges.
Guy Fusion United

Guy Katsovich continues to invest in our Startup Nation on multiple fronts

19.11.23|Michael Matias, Yaffa Abadi
From establishing a High Tech Operations Room, supporting their pre-seed founders, and serving in milium, Guy and his team personify ‘no matter what’
Yair Vardi Guy Katsovich

Fusion raises $20 million pre-Seed fund for Israeli startups

The new fund is backed by Insight Partners along with 70 serial entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from Israel and the U.S.
Guy Katsovich Yair Vardi Fusion

“All of us were winners this year,” says Fusion

30.11.22|Elihay Vidal, James Spiro
Don’t believe the hype - we are seeing normalization despite the downturns this year, say Yair Vardi and Guy Katsovich.
Guy Fusion 2022

Startup Nation’s pre-Seed challenge

06.03.22|James Spiro
Guy Katsovich, Founding Partner at Fusion, speaks to CTech about investment trends and the blurring lines of investment rounds
כנס טרנדים ותחזיות  2022

Gigi Levy: “Even if there will be valuation bumps, I am super-bullish about the tech industry's continued growth”

04.01.22|Elihay Vidal
Leading Israeli VC executives estimate that while there may be some painful challenges ahead, the positive trends in the market and flow of investments are not expected to stop. Some even think the best is yet to come
judah taub

On the road to fusion energy, something’s missing: Israel

10.05.21|Judah Taub
Private fusion energy companies will demonstrate sustainable, clean power in 2025; meanwhile, where are Israeli startups?