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Gad Allon

“I feel strongly about being applied. So, I like things that have an impact on real people.”

Gad Allon talks to Michael Matias about the Gig Economy and how the shift in our economy toward this type of work requires new thinking about labor economics
לירן שפיטלניק מנכ"ל קסמבה Liran Shpitalnik Kasamba GM

“Everyone’s an expert in something,” Kasamba is taking the gig economy to the next level

29.10.20|Allon Sinai
The company's new platform HeyExpert soft-launched six months ago and CEO Shpitalnik believes it won't be long before it has many millions of users
השכרת דירות AIRBNB פריז

Airbnb charging ahead with IPO despite disastrous timing

25.08.20|Viki Auslander
Airbnb was valued as high as $31 billion at its peak but arrives at the stock market having to deal with the challenge posed by coronavirus as well as the increased hostility and question marks around the Gig Economy
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The Most Urgent Tech-Related Tasks the New Israeli Parliament Must Tackle

22.09.19|Omer Kabir
Israel’s general election last week marked the end of nearly an entire lost year in which the Israeli parliament was effectively paralyzed. Now, the newly elected members of parliament must hurry to address pressing global and local tech issues
מיכה קאופמן מנכ"ל פייבר fiverr

Fiverr Buys Web Content Marketplace ClearVoice

13.02.19|Meir Orbach
Similar to Fiverr, ClearVoice operates a marketplace connecting businesses with web content writers
מגדל הטלוויזיה של ברלין Fernsehturm

Gig Marketplace Fiverr Opens First Europe Office in Berlin

Fiverr’s plans for the Berlin office include holding training sessions and networking events for freelancers, producing German-speaking informative videos, and introducing additional payment methods