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מנכ"ל Arm רנה האס שבבים

Give their right Arm: Intel, Apple, Google all want a piece of chip giant

05.09.23|Omer Kabir
SoftBank, the controlling owner of chip development giant Arm, has recruited prominent names for what is set to be the biggest IPO of the year on Wall Street
ראש ממשלת הודו נרנדרה מודי

Unlike Europe, Indian privacy law is skewed in favor of Google & Amazon

21.08.23|Viki Auslender
The new Indian law for the protection of digital personal data prioritizes the interests of the government and private companies over the protection of surfers
פיקסל 7a

Google Pixel 7a: Unraveling the allure of clean Android and performance

14.08.23|Itai Smuskowitz
“The standout advantage is the presence of a pristine Android version, facilitating swift operating system updates. However, it remains uncertain whether this alone is sufficient,” writes Itai Smuskowitz, CTech's smartphone critic
סונדאר פיצ'אי מנכ"ל גוגל

Google play? AI for the masses toys with online advertising business

06.08.23| Viki Auslender
The generative AI tool that Google rushed to deploy to the general public is used to create fictitious news sites, which divert good money from advertisers. NewsGuard found that ads from 141 global brands were planted on such sites, 90% of them by the Google Ads service
עדי מירב גלעדי מנהלת מוצר בחטיבת המחקר של גוגל

Google executive: "Bard is not intended to provide factual answers, just a companion for creative tasks"

30.07.23|Omer Kabir
Adi Mayrav Gilady, a product manager in Google's research division, delves into the intricacies of the innovative AI chatbot, the challenges and triumphs in training Bard in Hebrew, and sheds light on the efforts to make it as bias-free and creative as possible
 הוועידה הכלכלית לאומית ברק רגב מנכל google ישראל

“The challenges we are facing jeopardize the continued existence of the 'miracle' of Startup Nation”

18.07.23|Tomer Hadar
Barak Regev, Country Director at Google Israel, was speaking at the National Economic Conference in Tel Aviv
כנס מקומי קום עדי אשכנזי מנהל תעשיית איקומרס גוגל ישראל כנס כלכליסט וידאו

“At Google there is a constant drive to enhance AI”

03.07.23|Maya Nahum Shahal
Adi Ashkenazy, Industry Manager, Retail - Ecom and branding at Google, also noted that most of Google's products already incorporate AI
כנס מקומי קום ענת הורוביץ סמנכלית פעילות עסקית גוגל ישראל וידאו

“The form of search and the way we interact with search engines are changing”

03.07.23|Orna Yefet
Anat Horvitz, Director, Sector Lead at Google, added that “We are learning to search in a more detailed and sophisticated manner, providing more descriptive inputs as if we are having a conversation”
סלולארי אפליקציה ווייז וויז waze

Waze hit with layoffs six months after being merged into Google Geo

28.06.23|CTech and Reuters
Alphabet-owned Google said it is cutting jobs at the mapping app as it merges the app's advertising system with Google Ads technology
google Bard גוגל בארד

Google goes on the AI offensive with a new and improved Bard

14.05.23|Omer Kabir
Google has made its chatbot available in 180 countries with a slew of new features
MindJourney אילוסטרציה לקרב בין קוד פתוח לקוד סגור.

Can open source defeat Google and OpenAI in the AI arms race?

09.05.23|Omer Kabir
A leaked Google document revealed the technology giant’s concern that it could be losing the generative AI arms race to open source researchers
CTech Mind The Tech London Gali Shachar Efrat _alt Hanit Marinov

Google: “We want to make sure we help Startup Nation dream, build, and grow.”

22.03.23|James Spiro
Gali Shachar Efrat, General Manager at Google & Reichman Tech School and Hanit Marinov, Country Marketing Manager at Google Israel, joined CTech to discuss diversity efforts in Startup Nation.
איור הייטק טוב ורע

The fast & the spurious: Failures of Tesla, Amazon and Google testify to the motives behind the scenes

21.02.23|Viki Auslender
Tesla's autonomous driving is causing accidents, Amazon is killing small merchants, and Google's chatbot is wrong. The hasty launches and uncontrolled expansion indicate that it is not "innovation" that drives these companies, but short-term profits
משרדי גוגל תל אביב

Google cutbacks reach Israel, dozens of employees to be laid off

13.02.23|Meir Orbach
Google's parent Alphabet announced last month that it was cutting about 12,000 jobs globally, accounting for 6% of the workforce
Google for Startups cohort

Nine Israeli health startups selected to Google’s Growth Academy

The local companies from the fields of medicine and quality of life are joining the first cohort of the tech giant's program
כנס גיימינג - אסף וקנין ראש תחום אפליקציות Google וידאו

"The gaming industry will shrink in 2022 but will grow next year"

12.12.22|Irad Atzmon-Schmayer
According to Assaf Vaknin, Industry Head, Export, Apps, at Google Israel, the reason for the expected 6% contraction of the industry is that "the external environment has changed”