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Google for Startups cohort

Nine Israeli health startups selected to Google’s Growth Academy

The local companies from the fields of medicine and quality of life are joining the first cohort of the tech giant's program
כנס גיימינג - אסף וקנין ראש תחום אפליקציות Google וידאו

"The gaming industry will shrink in 2022 but will grow next year"

12.12.22|Irad Atzmon-Schmayer
According to Assaf Vaknin, Industry Head, Export, Apps, at Google Israel, the reason for the expected 6% contraction of the industry is that "the external environment has changed”
סלולארי אפליקציה ווייז וויז waze

Google merges Waze and Maps teams to cut costs

08.12.22|Reuters and CTech
Waze employs over 500 people, a significant number of which are based out of Israel. Google said it didn’t expect any layoffs as part of the reorganization
ועידת Tech TLV - יוסי מטיאס סגן נשיא בגוגל העולמית ומנכ״ל מרכז המחקר והפיתוח של גוגל בישראל

Google VP: "We can predict natural disasters before they occur"

30.11.22|Almog Azar
"Artificial intelligence has undergone a revolution in recent years, this is not an exaggeration," said Yossi Matias, VP at Google and Managing Director of Google's R&D center in Israel
עובדי גוגל משרדי גוגל בארצות הברית 2

Meet the Israeli startups joining Google’s Growth Lab

Ten local companies from different verticals are joining the sixth cohort of the tech giant's exclusive program
מגדל Toha2 תל אביב הדמיה

Google to pay over $30 million a year in Israel’s largest ever office rental deal

11.11.22|Dotan Levy
The tech giant is close to a deal that will see it pay over $300 million over 10 years for 55,000 square meters at the new ToHa2 tower currently being built in Tel Aviv
כנס מובילאי משדר ראשון דר ארנה ברי

"The crisis will cause investors to be more careful"

09.11.22|Maya Nahum Shahal
Dr. Orna Berry, a leader in the high-tech and science industries, was speaking as part of the Hi-Tech Effect series
The Founding members

Google and Reichman University to establish school of high-tech

Courses will include core academic studies, combined with up-to-date professional training in the industry. Underrepresented populations will have an equal opportunity to join the program regardless of their financial ability to pay for the course
גוגל לוגו

Google launches new Cloud Region in Israel

Last year, Google Cloud was selected by the Israeli government to provide cloud services to government ministries
left Ran Korber Emil Fisher BreezoMeter

Google acquires Israeli climatech startup BreezoMeter for over $200 million

20.09.22|Elihay Vidal
The Israeli startup aims to monitor air quality and improve people’s health by using atmospheric data that is acquired through multiple sensing stations, AI, and machine-learning algorithms
Ctech Unistream Venture Event of the Year Yossi Mattias וידאו

“Youngsters are the future, so anyway we can help them would be great”

24.07.22|Noa Gadot
Yossi Matias, VP at Google and Head of Israel's R&D Center, talked about the various ways of supporting youth during Unistream’s ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ event
כנס גוגל איקומרס עינת נמש מנהלת פעילות עסקית בגוגל ישראל וידאו

"Online sales in the Israeli market grew by 85% during the pandemic"

22.06.22|Omer Kabir
Einat Nemesh, Director at Google Israel, was speaking at the opening of the Google and Calcalist E-commerce Conference, adding that: "The next step is to move from a textual to a visual search. That is, to photograph a shoe and find where to buy it"