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ClearSky קליר סקיי חדש

Iranian Hackers Have Set Up a News Outlet to Court Possible Targets, Security Firm Says

05.12.17|Omer Kabir
Hacker group “Charming Kitten” used false identities to ferret out information, says Israel-based cybersecurity firm ClearSky
גדי עברון מנכ"ל סימטריה cymmetria סייבר אבטחת מידע

Cybersecurity Firm Lets Clients Chase Hackers Back

27.10.17|Raphael Kahan
Palo Alto-headquartered Cymmetria unveiled a "hack back" software that pushes up against the limits of U.S. law
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Israel’s Flagship Company Stayed its Course

16.10.17|Dror Reich
The share price of veteran cybersecurity company Check Point reached a record-breaking $120 over the weekend