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Part 2 Rosh Hashana Collage

We asked: 'What was the biggest moment for you this year?'

06.09.21|James Spiro
(Part Two) It’s been a crazy year of ups and downs - and Israel’s tech ecosystem is here to answer the question on everyone’s mind
Eyal Hoffman Highroad

Can the shared mobility industry survive Covid-19?

04.04.21|Eyal Hoffman
The pandemic has impacted nearly every industry, especially those relying on the sharing economy. Post-Covid, will shared mobility rebound, or “rest in peace?”
פאנל מימין דני וקנין איל הופמן רן קורבר כנס חדשנות סביבתית

Companies are more health-aware thanks to Covid-19

Israeli companies are increasingly looking to invest in innovative technologies which improve the environment and people’s health
מימין גיא זקס אלירן בינמן ו איל הופמן מייסדי CaStory

"Covid-19 Highlighted the Need for Innovation in the Urban Space”

20.05.20|Elihay Vidal
Four urban tech startups completed Highroad’s third cohort
Eyal Hoffman Highroad איל הופמן

The Effects of Coronavirus on Israel’s Tech Sector Will Be Minimal, Says Highroad Managing Partner

Eyal Hoffman, managing partner at urban tech innovation center and startup launchpad Highroad, answered six questions about the Covid-19 crisis and its effects on the Israeli tech sector