5 stories about ISIS
הפגנה הפגנת תמיכה  פלסטינים ב קולומביה

"Nobody in the Western world would normalize ISIS. Why should we do that to Hamas?"

20.11.23|James Spiro
The Israel-Gaza war is being fought on multiple battlegrounds - why have some become so sympathetic to terrorists online?
מטה פייסבוק ארה"ב

Facebook Executive Describes Monumental Task of Detecting and Removing Terrorism Content

15.06.18|Asaf Shalev
A director of counterterrorism policy at the social network briefed Israeli and American homeland security officials in Jerusalem about the company’s efforts to combat extremist speech
מטוס המראה נמל תעופה טיסה ברגע האחרון

Israel’s Unit 8200 Helped Prevent a Terror Attack on Australian Passenger Plane

22.02.18|Raphael Kahan
Unit 8200, the Israeli military's NSA equivalent, has intercepted information that aided the Australian authorities to prevent a terror attack planned by the Islamic State (ISIS)
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CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

Teva is once again the largest Israeli company. Car ownership on the wane, says Waze CEO. Facebook restores disputed page following Tel Aviv court ruling
ארגון דאעש המדינה האיסלאמית ISIS

Fake News Machine Turns Against ISIS

18.12.17|Tal Pavel
Sunni hacker groups have turned their keyboards against the fundamentalist militant organization. The hashtag used: #SilenceTheSwords