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טסלה מודל 3 ישראל

Israelis to receive their Teslas earlier than expected and they will be made in China

18.04.21|Udi Etsion
Buyers received notices that their cars may be delivered a month sooner than they thought; Chinese Model 3 vehicles feature new Lithium-iron batteries
ניסאן ליף רכב חשמלי

Reports reveal: electric vehicles still haven’t caught on in Israel

04.04.21|Tomer Hadar
Car importers and leasing companies give a glimpse behind the scenes as to what’s really going on
אלון מאסק טסלה  9.5.20

Israel approves Tesla’s import license: what cars will hit the streets?

06.01.21|Tomer Hadar
After months of delay, the U.S. automaker receives the green light to begin widescale import
אל על בואינג 777-200 נתב"ג

As Israel’s Airlines Are Grounded, so Is Export

11.03.20|Adrian Filut
Most of Israel’s imported goods comes by sea, meaning food shortages are not expected, but 60% of the country’s export is sent via passenger flights—now grounded due to coronavirus
מריחואנה קנאביס גראס 1

Together Banks on Health Ministry Exemptions to Import its Ugandan Cannabis to Israel

21.11.19|Tzally Greenberg
The Israeli market has been experiencing severe shortages in medical cannabis in the past few months following a recent regulatory reform spearheaded by the health ministry
הונג קונג רחוב קניות קוזוויי ביי Causeway Bay

Israel, Hong Kong Agree to Ease Export-Import Process

30.06.19|Omri Milman
According to the agreement, authorized economic operators on both sides will receive various benefits and exemptions at customs
דגל סין

Israel Aims to Benefit From China’s Growing Demand for Medical Devices

09.10.17|Omri Milman
China’s multi-billion medical industry is growing, with a demand for better health services that is linked to the rise of the Chinese middle class