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Learning from the Piece of Velcro Placed in Space Helmets

02.03.18|Iris Shoor
Entrepreneur Iris Shoor thinks companies should focus on real data and not rely on their, often unrealistic, conception of users to tell them how to improve their product
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CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

London, Toronto, Singapore eyeing the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Contesting sides battle to appoint chairman at Israel’s Bezeq.
פיצה של ניצן רז שף מסעדת אונו פנאי

Goodbye, Pizza and Beer. Hello, Personal Growth

27.02.18|Iris Shoor
Serial entrepreneur Iris Shoor feels startups should focus less on free food and parties and more on the personal development of their employees
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Open Space is Broken. All Hail the Open Conference Room

26.02.18|Iris Shoor
When starting her new startup serial entrepreneur Iris Shoor wanted to do away with the nearly ubiquitous open space