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דרור בין מנכל רשות החדשנות

New government program to incentivize institutional investment in Israeli high-tech

27.11.23|Sophie Shulman
The Israel Innovation Authority and the Ministry of Finance are promoting a program, which will be implemented by the end of 2024, that will incentivize pension funds to invest in local high-tech

Israeli tech stocks on Wall Street manage to avoid impact from Hamas war

12.11.23|Sophie Shulman
The sweeping decline in tech stocks following the October 7 attack has been halted, with some Israeli companies reporting better performance than before the war began.

In an effort to combat fake news, Kaltura has launched a platform dedicated to disseminating the truth

05.11.23|Tech On Duty in collaboration with Poalim Tech
While many high-tech companies have mobilized efforts to support field operations, the Israeli video cloud company partnered with GlossAI to launch a trusted information distribution source:
Yuval Ketscher

Israeli entrepreneur creates 'Swords of Steel' database for missing persons amidst Gaza war

09.10.23|Ariela Karmel
Yuval Keshtcher's platform allows families to search for missing loved ones, following the rise in missing persons and casualties since Hamas’ surprise attack on Saturday.
מלחמת עזה תקיפה צה"ל חיל האוויר מבצע חרבות ברזל

Israel's tech sector could face disruptions after attacks, investors say

09.10.23|Reuters and CTech
Israel's technology sector had already been facing a slowdown in 2023, exacerbated by internal political conflict and protests
טל רוזנבלום שותף מנהל ב BCG ישראל ו חן עמית מנכ”ל טיפלתי

BCG's game plan for startups: Embrace strategic planners for success

29.09.23|Sophie Shulman
International consulting firm Boston Consulting Group has prepared a guide for turning a startup into a large company that thinks strategically and not just reactively
מדריך לעובדים מדריך לעובד בוס מנהל

C-Level execs feeling impact of tech crisis with salaries decreasing and job search duration doubling

22.09.23|Ariela Karmel
There has been a steady decrease in salaries for Israeli C-level tech executives as well as an increased job search duration in the last year
מפתחים מתכנתים פיתוח DEVOPS

Salaries falling for senior high-tech roles, job search duration increasing

18.09.23|Ariela Karmel
According to data collected from August 2022 to August 2023, the salary for positions that require at least eight years of experience has decreased across the board
עובדים משרד מחשבים אופן ספייס

15 tech jobs in 2023: Winners, losers, salaries and employment trends

05.09.23|Ariela Karmel
An analysis of salary shifts and job availability across 15 tech positions
עובדי הייטק משרד אופן ספייס עבודה

Junior high-tech roles: 84% drop in front-end openings; salaries fall across the board

31.08.23|Ariela Karmel
Data by Israeli recruitment firm Ethosia on junior roles in tech shows that the number of open positions and salaries have decreased, while the job search length has risen dramatically
רובוט עבודה Robot Jobs

Shifting tech job landscape: Surge in senior and AI-related roles

29.08.23|Ariela Karmel
From a hiring frenzy to scarcity, Israel's tech sector navigates economic challenges and political changes, while AI-related roles are rising
ברק עילם מנכ"ל נייס

Nice going: Nice presents promising quarter, positive annual forecast

17.08.23|Sophie Shulman
The Israeli software company concluded the second quarter with a 10% growth in revenues to $581.1 million, with revenues from cloud activity jumping by 23%
 שרותי הענן של אמזון Amazon Web Services AWS

AWS launches cloud infrastructure in Israel

01.08.23|Meir Orbach
Amazon's cloud company is expected to provide services to government bodies and public entities, with plans to invest an estimated $7.2 billion in Israel by 2037
קו רקיע מרכז תל אביב Tel Aviv Business Center

Israeli startups raise just $3.9 billion in first six months of 2023, lowest total in five years

01.08.23|Sophie Shulman
In addition to the decrease in the number of investments, there was also a 53% decrease in the number of funding rounds compared to the same period last year, marking the lowest level in nine years, according to Start-Up Nation Central
כנס KPMG Work after Work פאנל הזדמנויות ואתגרי ההייטק בשנה שכמוה לא הייתה מימין שלומי חגי דינה פסקא רז מרב בהט ומאיר אורבך

"The economic impact of Israel’s political unrest will affect future generations"

17.07.23|Maayan Manela
Dina Pasca-Raz, Head of Technology & International Tax at KPMG Israel, was speaking on a panel together with Merav Bahat, Co-founder and CEO of Dazz, and Shlomi Hagai, Partner at JVP
כנס KPMG Work after Work דברי פתיחה יניב ישרים שותף ראש מערך השיווק והצמיחה KPMG ישראל

"Companies with an unsustainable business model will cease to exist"

17.07.23|Maayan Manela
Yaniv Yesharim, Head of Marketing and Growth at KPMG Israel, spoke at Calcalist and KPMG’s Work After Work event about the state of the Israeli tech sector
תל אביב מבט מלמעלה 6.6.23

Investment in Israeli high-tech down 65% in Q2 to $1.78 billion

28.06.23|Meir Orbach
Despite the number of transactions also falling 48% year-over-year, Q2 saw a 2% increase in investment compared to the first quarter of the year
מימין ג'ף הורינג ו צ'ייס קולמן

Initial investments in Israeli startups dropped 90% in Q1 of 2023

28.06.23|Meir Orbach
A new report says that the 10 most active VCs in Israeli high-tech made only three initial investments in the first quarter of 2023, compared to 30 such investments in the same period last year