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רילמי 12 פרו פלוס

Realme 12 Pro Plus: Can it shake up the mid-range smartphone landscape?

13.06.24|Itai Smuskowitz
The Chinese manufacturer's new smartphone does not threaten the flagship devices, but it will be enough for the daily use of many consumers 
שיאומי 14 אולטרה

Xiaomi 14 Ultra: Is it worth the hefty price tag?

09.05.24|Itai Smuskowitz
The new flagship device of the Chinese manufacturer has some excellent properties, but is it good enough to compete with the industry leaders?
אסוס Zenfone 11 ultra

Zenfone 11 Ultra: Can Asus disrupt the status quo in mobile tech?

21.03.24|Itai Smuskowitz
The Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra competes well with leading premium devices but faces challenges due to its limited update support compared to competitors like Samsung, making it difficult for Asus to stand out in the market dominated by larger rivals
סמארטפון nothing 2a

The Nothing Phone (2a) smartphone raises the bar for mid-range devices

12.03.24|Itai Smuskowitz
The company established by the founder of OnePlus launches its third device, and maintains the unique design. In terms of specifications and performance, it competes against other mid-range devices, and in terms of price, it wins by a large margin
וואן פלוס 12

OnePlus 12: A quality alternative to expensive flagship devices

11.03.24|Itai Smuskowitz
The popular brand celebrates a decade with a device that demonstrates its advantages: as powerful as the competition with excellent cameras and a battery that lasts almost two days. It's not cheap, but its price is still significantly lower than the competition
אסוס ROG Phone 8 Pro

Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro: A smartphone for gamers that is great for everyone

18.02.24|Itai Smuskowitz
The ROG Phone 8 Pro offers an excellent user experience, says Calcalist's tech reviewer Itai Smuskowitz, and not only for gamers
שיאומי פוקו X6 פרו

Xiaomi Poco X6 Pro: An excellent mid-range device good enough for most customers

11.02.24|Itai Smuskowitz
The specifications of Xiaomi's Poco X6 Pro are impressive and compete with significantly more expensive devices. But while the screen is excellent and the battery lasts for more than a day, the camera and protection of the device need to be improved
משקפיים של אפל

Apple Vision Pro test-drive: Pricey innovation very few people need

09.02.24|Itai Smuskowitz
"You can work with the headset - browse, read documents, watch content, and more, but it still feels mostly like a toy for the rich or a tool for developers," writes Itai Smuskowitz
מחשב HP Elitebook

HP Elitebook 1040 G10: A solid choice for business users

03.10.23|Itai Smuskowitz
“The Elitebook may not be the most eye-catching computer, appearing somewhat plain, but it effectively, smoothly, and quietly fulfills its purpose," writes CTech's laptop critic Itai Smuskowitz
סמסונג גלקסי פולד 5

Is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 worth the investment? A detailed analysis

02.10.23|Itai Smuskowitz
Samsung's new smartphone-tablet has undergone a minimal upgrade over the previous model, but according to CTech's gadget reviewer Itai Smuskowitz, it still provides an experience that no regular smartphone can offer
מדספת תלת-ממד של Kokoni

Kokoni EC1: The troubled path of home 3D printers

31.08.23|Itai Smuskowitz
“When functioning well, the Kokoni printer can be an enjoyable and addictive toy. However, the path to successful prints can be filled with failed attempts and errors, which can be frustrating,” writes Itai Smuskowitz, CTech's gadget critic
שעון Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3

Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3: Striking the right balance between functionality and price

30.08.23|Itai Smuskowitz
“The Redmi Watch serves as a companion to a smartphone, lacking its own cellular or Wi-Fi connection and instead connecting via Bluetooth, which also enables connectivity with Apple devices,” writes Itai Smuskowitz, CTech's gadget critic
לנובו Yoga 6i

Lenovo Yoga Slim 6i: Fulfills its purpose without gimmicks

27.08.23|Itai Smuskowitz
“The Yoga Slim 6i omits features like a touchscreen and a rotatable screen, but its size and weight make it convenient for travel, and the battery lasts through a workday away from the office,” writes Itai Smuskowitz, CTech's laptop critic