Michael Matias

20 stories about Michael Matias
יונית סירקין Masschallenge Israel

“I absolutely think that founders need to be irrationally passionate and driven about their companies"

Yonit Serkin, managing director of MassChallenge Israel, talks to Michael Matias about the uniqueness of the Israeli ecosystem and why you want to work with people who push you to do better
אורון אפק VIM

“I'm really not motivated by money. I'm motivated by impact"

Oron Afek, co-founder and CEO of Vim, talks to Michael Matias about giving doctors more incentive to keep patients healthy and how healthier patients would bring lower costs for the physicians
Zvika Orron Viola Ventures

“You need to find those points in life where you create boosts of motivation and leverage opportunities.”

Viola Ventures' Zvika Orron joins Michael Matias to share his story on what led him to invest in deep-tech companies
Lior Gavish Monte Carlo

“I made a decision independently that I wanted to start a company. It was just too exciting to pass up”

Lior Gavish speaks with Michael Matias about learning from past mistakes and keeping his eyes open for the chance to become a category-building company
Orlie Gruper

“Light, love, and creation. Those are the three words that guide me in life”

Orlie Gruper joins Michael Matias to share some of the expectations in the smart mobility space and how it can change our world for the better
Noa Ohayon

“It was the best school I could think of, working in a startup”

Noa Ohayon Bab joins Michael Matias to discuss how she is continuing to strengthen communities by working on the relationship between Israel and the United States
Assaf Wand Hippo

"To attract the right talent, you need to let go and let them run their own stuff and not intervene"

Michael Matias is joined by Hippo CEO and co-founder Assaf Wand, who shares what it means to bring innovation to an otherwise lagging industry
Ben Casnocha Village Global

“I’m a huge believer in staying adaptive, staying flexible, and being opportunistic as things arise”

Michael Matias talks to Ben Casnocha, co-founder of Village Global, about his varied career and how his addiction to impact has become his drive to change the world
Rom Eliaz

“I felt that all my life, I really wanted to help society and to help people”

Michael Matias is joined by Rom Eliaz, who shares how he encourages young entrepreneurs to venture outside their comfort zones
Nimrod Cohen

“I really believe that most of the things that happen to us in life happen by coincidence”

Despite achieving success in sports and entrepreneurship, TAU Ventures’ Nimrod Cohen joins Michael Matias to discuss what he thinks it all comes down to: coincidence
Rina Vernovskaya

“I love challenges, I love problems, and I love competing.”

Speaking with Michael Matias for 20-Minute Leaders, 280 Group CEO Rina Vernovskaya shares that demand for product management and the growing role of product managers is outpacing supply
Alon Alroy Bizzabo

“We were very passionate about doing something related to connecting people at events.”

Bizzabo's Alon Alroy joins Michael Matias on 20-Minute Leaders to advise entrepreneurs to stay agile, open minded, and optimistic when overcoming their own challenges
Anique Drumright

“In terms of great product management, I think it comes down to curiosity, leadership, and execution.”

Michael Matias is joined by Loom's VP of product, Anique Drumright, who discusses how being a classroom teacher is similar to being a tech executive
Slavik Markovich small

“Get enough in your war chest to make sure that you can execute through the bad times as well.”

Michael Matias is joined by Slavik Markovich, co-founder of Sentrigo and Demisto, who discusses his impact on the cybersecurity industry
Eran Sandhaus Copia Growth small

“While we go through this very difficult period, let’s think about what we can create, what we can envision.”

Michael Matias is joined by Eran Sandhaus, who emphasizes how entrepreneurs should feel proud of the steps they take to make the world a better place
Rona Segev

“I think that happy entrepreneurs are better entrepreneurs, and I really like the entrepreneurs I invest in"

Michael Matias is joined by TLV Partners' Rona Segev to learn how entrepreneurs sometimes need to step away from negotiation tables to create strong, trusting relationships
Larry Diamond

“We need to be proactive, to seek out multiple sources of information, and to check and verify the information we’re getting”

Michael Matias is joined by Larry Diamond, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, to discuss the idea of liberal democracy and freedom of information
Nicole Priel

"When we look for founders to back, we’re actually looking for the ones who don’t have that experience"

Nicole Priel, VP of Ibex Investors speaks to Michael Matias about the differences between the Israeli and American investment ecosystem
Aliza Peleg

“Vision without execution is actually not going to be a great way to succeed.”

Aliza Peleg, who helped found Better Place, speaks to Michael Matias and shares her insights as a board member for several companies