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עמרי לביא מייסד אורקסטרה ו NSO

NSO Founder Completes $7.5 Million Raise For Cyber Defense Platform Orchestra

20.04.20|Sophie Shulman
Orchestra CEO Omri Lavie says Covid-19 crisis increases comapnies' cybersecurity needs
עמרי לביא מייסד אורקסטרה ו NSO

A Look Inside Orchestra - Omri Lavie's New Cyber Startup

Founded by NSO co-founder Omri Lavie in 2018, Orchestra has already made two acquisitions and is in the process of integrating new products into its end-to-end cybersecurity service
NSO  עמרי לביא

Co-Founder of Surveillance Company NSO Starts New Cyber Startup

06.11.17|Meir Orbach
Omri Lavie unveiled Orchestra, a cybersecurity startup offering a system-wide defense