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Hate Speech

“A coalition of hate”: The online extremists that are testing Big Tech

15.01.21|James Spiro
Hate speech has been bubbling on social media and the internet for decades - but it all came to a climax this month at the heart of America’s democracy
אפליקציה מסרים מיידיים סיגנל Signal ווטסאפ

WhatsApp’s new privacy settings Signal change for instant messaging

12.01.21|James Spiro
After Facebook updated its privacy settings for WhatsApp, concerned voices from Israel and the world start pondering an alternative
אפליקציית פרלר נחסמה על ידי חנות האפליקציות של גוגל

Twitter substitute Parler is just a drop in the ocean of sites where incitement is prevalent

11.01.21|Viki Auslender
Twitter’s competitor was blocked by Apple, Google, and Amazon, but isn’t the only social media site that is used as an outlet for racist content by the American far-right and they too grew up in Silicon Valley