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Infront acquires Israeli sportstech startup Pico

Pico has developed a data-driven fan marketing platform helping major league teams, Esports, brands, and organizations turn digital engagement into zero-party data
אסף נבו מנכל PICO

“We had three options, go home, fundraise or sell the company. We did not go home"

17.12.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
After a $17 million investment vanished, Pico CEO Asaf Nevo opens up on what not many will. “There is an unbalanced situation between startups and investors”
Asaf Nevo Pico

“I think optimism is one of the key factors you have to have when you do entrepreneurship.”

Optimism and resilience are key factors in any entrepreneur’s journey, Asaf Nevo shares with Michael Matias
פוטו תמונות מהחלל אסטרונאוט

Which Israeli company is inactivating Covid-19 with lights and why is working during the pandemic a lot like being in space?

01.11.20| CTech
CTech Daily Roundup: With a SAP collaboration and a round A underway, Pico comes out punching from Covid-19 crisis
אביב פז רועי מוזר אסף נבו פיקו מדיה

With a SAP collaboration and a round A underway, Pico comes out punching from Covid-19 crisis

01.11.20|Allon Sinai
The Israeli startup is currently working with over 60 sports teams globally from some of the biggest leagues in the world and was selected to take part in SAP's first-ever fan experience–focused startup accelerator program
מכון התקנים הגנת סייבר

Israeli Cybersecurity is in Hot Demand and who Raised $190 Million?

CTech Daily Roundup: Elbit sells control of subsidiary Cyberbit for $48 million
אביב פז רועי מוזר אסף נבו פיקו מדיה

In a World Without Sports, Clubs can Still Retain Fan Support with Pico’s Engagement Tools

19.05.20|Allon Sinai
Pico has created a technology to turn engaged, anonymous sports and entertainment fans into identifiable customer profiles
אבטחת מידע סייבר פריצה סיסמה

Cybersecurity Startup Zero Networks Raises $4.65 Million in Seed

20.02.20|Meir Orbach
Zero Networks develops a cloud-based network security service that automatically defines and enforces a zero-trust network model