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Maya Hawlasewicz

Betting the bank on GenAI, is it worth it?

25.06.23|Maya Hawlasewicz
Navigating opportunities and limitations on generative AI within financial services - without the hype
Tomer Landesman

The industrial economy goes digital: Transforming traditional industries

18.06.23|Tomer Landesman
“With recent macro shifts, we are witnessing an incredible paradigm shift — the opportunity to bring traditional industries into the digital age,” writes Tomer Landesman of Pitango Growth
Ctech Tech TLV Liron Wand

“Personality and distribution are becoming more important than the product”

01.12.22|Noa Gadot
"You want to meet your customers where they are and communicate with them through tools they are comfortable with," explained Liron Wand, Venture Partner at Pitango Growth
Jonathan Glazer Liron Wand Pitango

Liron Wand and Jonathan Glazer join Pitango as Venture Partners

Wand, formerly at Google and Facebook, joins Pitango Growth’s team, and Glazer, the former Head of the Ambulatory Care Service in Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center’s Emergency Department, joins the Healthtech team
רמי שש מייסד whitesource

Israel’s WhiteSource announces $75 million series D

07.04.21|Meir Orbach
“Application security needs have gone beyond just detection to include continuous prioritization and prevention,” says CEO Rami Sass
גיא זיקיאל Guy Ezekiel Gateways Stampa

Guy Ezekiel: helping healthtech companies grow

Ezekiel’s Pitango has invested in over 250 companies, paving the way for fresh ideas and sponsoring entrepreneurship
מייסדי קליימסל Climacell מימין איתי זלוטניק רעי גופר ו שמעון אלקבץ'

ClimaCell announces $23 million series C to grow weather intelligence platform

28.07.20|Hagar Ravet
The startup, founded by a team of Israeli entrepreneurs and based out of Boston, Massachusetts, develops a smart weather forecasting system, capable of predicting the weather on a minute-by-minute basis and within a 500-meter radius