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אנשים סניף דואר ישראל

Israel’s postal service is getting privatized, expected to vastly improve its service

23.07.20|James Spiro
The State is preparing to sell a total of 40% of its postal system over two phases
מרכז ה סחר ה מקוון של דואר ישראל ב מודיעין

Israel Is Unprepared for E-Commerce Revolution, Says Government Watchdog

23.10.18|Omer Kabir
In a new report, the Israeli state comptroller criticized the country’s postal service and customs authority for failing to meet the necessary challenges, as Israel’s online retail market grows by 25% a year
מרכז הסחר המקוון דואר ישראל

Online Shopping in Israel Up 15% in 2017

14.01.18|Orna Yefet
AliExpress shipped over 50% of all packages delivered to Israelis in 2017. Other favorites of local online shoppers: Next, Asos and The Book Depository