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מיכל וכטרמן

Michal Wachterman joins Fetcherr as Director of U.S. Operations

Wachterman will join the pricing-intelligence company with the aim of helping it expand in the United States
רכב טסלה מודל S

A month in, Tesla raises the prices on its vehicles in Israel

11.03.21|Udi Etsion
About a month after Tesla introduced its vehicles into the Israeli market, it has decided to raise the price on its Model 3 version by thousands of shekels, reflecting aggressive import policies
טסלה מודל S תערוכת הרכב הבינלאומית בגואנגז'ו

Tesla pricing rocks Israeli auto market

02.02.21|Tomer Hadar
Unlike other car exporters, Tesla has announced the price of its cars in Israel without taxes, allowing consumers to see exactly how much of the ultimate cost of the vehicle ends up in the state's coffers
לקוחה מתנסה ב מחשב ש מעניק אינפורמציה על תרופות ללא מרשם רפואי

Over-the-Counter Drug Prices in Israel are Much Higher Than Overseas

17.02.20|Orna Yefet
The Israeli Ministries of Health and Economy summoned OTC drug manufacturers and distributors for meetings after a study found prices are 37% higher on average in Israel
הוועידה הכלכלית הלאומית 2018 מיכל הלפרין הממונה בשיחה עם גלית אלטשטיין

Israel Competition Authority Redefines Monopoly Rules for Local Market

22.07.19|Tomer Ganon
New regulation will enable the authority to declare a company a monopoly even if it does not control the lion's share of the market, if it can commend prices much higher than it would in a more competitive market