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Rotem Lambez Insoundz BiblioTech

CTech's Book Review: Creating tech products customers love

01.03.22|Rotem Lambez
Rotem Lambez, Head of Product at Insoundz, shares insights after reading “Inspired: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love" by Marty Cagan
Matan Ravid

What should Israelis learn from MIT’s Product Management program?

18.05.21|Matan Ravid
Taking lessons from MIT, Matan Ravid shares how Israelis can shift their focus from traditional MBA occupations to Product Management to help increase the number of innovative, international leaders coming from Israel
נאס"א אסטרונאוט חלל PLAY

Learning from the Piece of Velcro Placed in Space Helmets

02.03.18|Iris Shoor
Entrepreneur Iris Shoor thinks companies should focus on real data and not rely on their, often unrealistic, conception of users to tell them how to improve their product