3 stories about Retirement
אורי פרנק סגן נשיא תאגידי באינטל

Intel’s Uri Frank leaves the company weeks after being promoted

25.02.21|Meir Orbach
Company thanks him for more than 20 years of service; associates say he received a lucrative offer elsewhere
צוות WILLA

Co-living is wasted on the youth, Israeli startup Willa is offering urban living for midlifers

05.07.20|Ron Friedman
With their kids finally out of the house, 55 and ups have the time, money and desire for a change of pace; Covid-19 only highlighted the dangers of loneliness
זקנים זיקנה פנסיה דמי ניהול פרישה חיסכון

Israeli Technologies Taking On the Challenges of Old Age

03.08.18|Eze Vidra
Venture capitalist Eze Vidra highlights 11 Israeli tech companies that will help grandma do more than cross the road