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Tal Wilk-Glazer Saffron-Tech

“I looked for opportunities to build things and make things different.”

After working in the fields of biology and then technology, Tal Wilk-Glazer says it’s fascinating to have them combine in her current role as CEO of Saffron-Tech.
טל וילק גלזר

Saffron-Tech appoints Tal Wilk-Glazer as CEO

A former Salesforce Regional Director of Eastern Europe, Africa, and Israel, Wilk-Glazer has helped large companies with digital transformation. The agritech company develops a unique automated system for growing saffron
ד"ר אפרת גרינוולד

Saffron Tech appoints Dr. Efrat Greenwald as new Chief Data Scientist

Greenwald, an experienced agtech researcher, was brought in to help grow the company’s protocol IP and analyze its information technology systems
David Freidenberg Saffron Tech

The race is on to bring ‘Red Gold’ to Israelis

11.04.21|James Spiro
Saffron is considered the most valuable material in the world. This company intends to grow it themselves