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Mapped Startups

Israeli entrepreneurs celebrate 400 startups in the New York ecosystem

16.09.22|James Spiro
The announcement was made by Guy Franklin, Founder of Israeli Mapped in NY, at an event during Mind The Tech
Shaked Goldstein Samsung NEXT

Samsung NEXT: “Full return to the office is unlikely, and that’s ok”

With no end in sight, organizations around the world are accepting that Covid-19 will change company culture for years to come
רועי בן יוסף סמסנג

The smiles may be fake but synthetic media's potential is real

10.08.20|Royi Benyossef
From providing customer intelligence while abiding with privacy regulation to engaging customers with ads filmed without actual actors or locations, deepfakes could prove a valuable and cost-effective tool for accelerating your business
רועי בן יוסף סמסנג

Startups, here's what you should know about telcos

18.06.20|Royi Benyossef
As the telecom providers grow their operations, they are going to need expertise in how to automate, orchestrate, and, to a lesser extent, secure their new NFV-based base stations
מימין אלון כהן יו"ר הדירקטוריון איתי טבת מנכ"ל רועי הלוי סמנכ"ל טכנולוגיה חברת אינטזר

Cybersecurity Startup Intezer Raises $15 Million

21.01.20|Hagar Ravet
Intezer develops technology that analyzes code on cloud software to detect malware
Puls אייל רונן איתי הירש

Google Partners with Mobile Repairs Startup to Handle Pixel Service

24.10.17|Meir Orbach
Smart technology repair startup Puls will offer exclusive in-home repairs for Google’s Pixel smartphones
Puls אייל רונן איתי הירש

Temasek, Samsung, Back On-Demand Gadget Repair Startup

20.08.17|Meir Orbach
After raising $25 million in a series B funding round, Cellsavers rebranded as Puls