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יו"ר שיכון ובינוי תמיר כהן

“The real estate market will ultimately correct itself or stabilize around more realistic prices”

30.05.21|Dror Marmur
Real Estate company Shikun & Binui isn’t joining the scramble to acquire every piece of residential land. “The companies that are winning the tenders are acting on very aggressive analysis. This is a period in which you don’t need to jump at every tender and we aren’t playing at that game”
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Israel Moves Forward with Plan to Relocate Military Tech Bases

05.11.18|Nimrod Busso and Lilach Baumer
A plan to relocate some of Israel’s biggest military technology bases to the country’s south has drawn the attention of multinationals seeking to tap local talent
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CTech’s Tuesday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Spacecom’s new satellite contract ignites a ministerial tiff. Accidents like Uber's could hurt already fragile trust in autonomous cars, says Mobileye CEO
אתר בנייה ב רחוב יפת ב יפו נדל"ן מנוף מנופים עגורן עגורנים

Israeli Real Estate Company Partners With AI Startup IntSite to Develop Autonomous Cranes

27.03.18|Tofi Stoler
Real estate group Shikun & Binui will provide resources for the development of an artificial intelligence-based system capable of autonomously operating a crane within a construction site
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Enel and Shikun & Binui Launch New Innovation Lab in Israel

07.11.17|Amarelle Wenkert
In August, the Israeli governmental innovation investment arm announced the two companies jointly won a contract to operate an innovation laboratory partially funded by the government for three years