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סיטק פריפריה באר שבע Othman Alshekh

Siraj Technologies is creating the next generation of Bedouin role models

14.02.22|James Spiro
“This potential is untapped,” said CEO of Siraj Technologies Othman Alshekh when discussing how his company helps the community
Othman Alshekh Siraj Technologies

Go against the flow: This is how your organization can benefit from training young engineers

26.07.21|Othman Alshekh
"In an age of significant human resource shortages, alongside very frequent technological changes, organizations cannot give up on the opportunity in employee training," writes Othman Alshekh, Co-CEO at Siraj Technologies
עותמאן אלשיך

Siraj Technologies is lighting the way forward for Israeli Bedouin high tech integration

18.04.21|Yafit Ovadia
The startup, led by two Israeli-Bedouin entrepreneurs, works to streamline onboarding Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices to cloud platforms by relying on AI and deep learning algorithms